Should You Invest in the Peloton+ Bike to Boost Your Fitness?

If you are thinking about buying a new piece of fitness equipment for your home, keep in mind that Peloton released its new Peloton Bike+ to take workouts to the next level and far beyond. Business Insider shares that Peloton designed Bike Plus to make it “easier to complement an indoor cycling class with Peloton’s strength, stretching, and meditation classes.”
At $2,500, an investment like the Bike Plus makes it worth going the extra mile to buy an Upsie fitness warranty.

Are You Trying to Decide on the Best Option Between the Original Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike+?

You might have noticed a recent price drop for the original Peloton stationary bike. It is no coincidence that the price reduction to $1,895 occurred at the same time the Bike+ was released. The significant price decrease of the original and the introduction of the new model do not make the original obsolete or not worth exploring. Each model’s respective features were designed to help you meet your goals in their own way. Additionally, it is worth noting that the Peloton Tread has also gone down in price, according to The Verge.
Take a few moments to learn more about what each Peloton bike offers you.

The Original Peloton Stationary Bike

The original Peloton Bike, released in 2013, offered immersive cardio and a variety of engagement capabilities. Peloton Bike owners can take live-streaming classes to get real-time instruction while enjoying a class atmosphere. No wonder they’ve become even more popular amid COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines. Here are some additional benefits customers love:
  • Seamless integration with Fitbit and Strava for comprehensive fitness results
  • Massive on-demand library of previous classes and demonstrations
  • Sleek and compact design that can fit in smaller apartments or rooms in homes
  • Quiet
  • Extensive, enthusiastic, and supportive user community
  • Allows you to save favorite songs to Spotify and Apple Music
Upsie two-year and four-year warranties will continue to cover the original Peloton stationary bikes to keep you spinning for years if this version is your choice. This bike is perfect for those who simply love cardio and distance cycling. You might already have your own routine and equipment that allow you to pursue any additional fitness goals.

The New Bike Plus from Peloton

While there were few complaints regarding the original Peloton stationary bike, there was some room for improvement. When it comes to fitness, that is usually the case. Peloton was up for the task and enhanced its original creation to offer cycling fans a full-body workout and much more with Peloton Bike+:
  • Swivel touchscreen that sits on a rotating arm allows you to watch 24/7 streaming live classes when you are off the bike performing other phases of the workout.
  • Auto-follow offers you automatic resistance changes, so you feel those changes applied immediately when the instructor calls for you to do so.
  • Enhanced speakers feature four drivers above the screen, rather than behind it, so you can hear each instruction and song perfectly.
  • GymKit support means you can perform One-Tap Apple Watch syncing with your Bike+ workout data.
  • Bike Bootcamp is specially tailored to and suitable for Bike Plus owners because of the sound system and rotating screen
Forbes reminds owners of the original Peloton stationary bike that, if your old workhorse is in good working order, you can trade up for $700. In either case, Peloton has created a friendly trade-in and purchasing situation for those interested in starting at a more budget-friendly price, as well as those searching and prepared to pay for a comprehensive workout system.
Like any other piece of exercise equipment, you should protect your investment. The Bike Plus offers even more that you want to protect, so you can enjoy years of health, fitness, fun, and camaraderie. An Upsie warranty can help you do that with peace of mind.

What Can An Upsie Warranty Do to Help If You Decide on the Peloton Bike+?

With so many moving parts and so much technology embedded in your Peloton Bike+, it is crucial to go beyond the 12-month limited manufacturer warranty. The best option is a warranty from Upsie.

How Much Does a Warranty Through Upsie Cost?

  • 3-year extended warranty with no deductible for $163.99
  • 5-year extended warranty with no deductible for $266.99

What Does an Upsie Warranty for the New Bike Plus Cover?

Upsie understands that you need your upgraded stationary bike to work when you need it to, therefore offering a broad range of coverage:
  • Mechanical failure
  • Pedal malfunction
  • Ball Bearing replacement
  • Touchscreen failure
  • Battery failure
  • Bluetooth failure

Enjoy Tough Workouts and Plenty of Peace of Mind When You Invest in Peloton and Upsie

No matter which Peloton equipment you choose to boost your fitness, you will enjoy the variety and quality of fitness options available. Upsie helps to ensure you experience zero-to-minimal fitness interruptions with robust warranty options and a fast and simple claim process.
Contact Upsie to learn more about fitness equipment covered and the different plans available for each one.

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