Peloton Lanebreak: Taking Exergaming to the Next Level

The idea of creating video games that offer a chance to have fun while exercising probably started as long ago as the 1980s. Recently, rumors about a new Peloton video game, Lanebreak, have been circling. This article explores how Peloton Lanebreak takes exercising and gaming to a new level.

Are Fitness Video Games like Peloton Lanebreak a New Idea?

Fitness video games are often called exergaming or gamercising. However, the first attempts emerged as peripherals for Atari and Nintendo gaming systems but did not enjoy much success.
“Dance, Dance Revolution” came out in 1998 and made its way from arcade to Playstation. Selling over three million copies, most gaming historians consider this the first true success in the fitness gaming market. In the early 2000s, the Wii grew so popular that health facilities even began using it for rehab programs. Soon, Peloton may introduce the next step in exergaming with Lanebreak, a game meant for its exercise bikes.

What’s New About Exergames Like Peloton Lanebreak?

In the past, most exergaming involved using standard gaming systems with remotes or peripherals to incorporate fitness into gaming. With upcoming games like Lanebreak, Peloton will do the opposite as they introduce a video game to its fitness machines.
According to Pelo Buddy, a popular website focused on Peloton fitness machines, Peloton has teased their work on developing a new game for their Bike and Bike+. To give this news credibility, the company even filed a patent application under the name of Lanebreak. They also classified the application as a downloadable video game.
Even more, according to a news source, players can choose a difficulty level and the sort of music they prefer. Apparently, users can also select avatars, move along a track, and earn points as they use their fitness machines. Hopefully, the challenge of the game will encourage Peloton owners to return to exercise more frequently.
Apparently, the company plans to release Lanebreak at some point in 2022. Before that, they hope to let their current customers sign up as beta testers later this year.

How to Keep a Peloton Fitness Machine in Great Shape

In a recent post on the Upsie blog about Peloton extended warranties, the author mentioned that Peloton saw a 66-percent spike in sales during the pandemic. Apparently, these sophisticated exercise bikes and other kinds of fitness equipment have enjoyed popularity with people who want an engaging and convenient way to stay fit without leaving home. This new downloadable video game sounds like a good way for the company to maintain engagement.
Like many other manufacturers, Peloton also offers extended warranties as an upsell to customers. Basically, they agree to extend service for an additional 12 or 27 months. The 12-month plan costs $175, and the 27-month plan costs $230. As the warranty page says, even one repair could cost a customer $200, so buying a plan can prevent unexpected repair bills in the future.
Of course, customers can decline the company’s offer and buy a warranty from another company. One of the best options for Peloton bike owners is Upsie.
Here’s what you can expect from an Upsie extended warranty:
  • An Upsie Peloton warranty only costs $141.99 for three years and $230.99 for five years of protection.
  • Peloton purchasers can buy an Upsie warranty insurance plan for up to 11 months after they buy their fitness machine.
  • In addition, Upsie service includes 24-7 claims representatives and in-home repair visits.
  • Upsie also offers robust coverage, including repairs to pedals, mechanical parts, screens, online connectivity, and ball bearings.
By choosing Upsie over Peloton, customers can save hundreds in warranty costs. The cost of Upsie’s three-year extended warranty plan is equivalent to a single year of Peloton’s extended warranty. With Upsie, customers get more protection for a better price.
Playing a video game while using a fitness bike is a great way to keep fit. As soon as Peloton releases this software, it will probably attract even more customers. In turn, Upsie offers a great way to keep Peloton equipment in great shape.

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