Your Guide to NordicTrack Rowing Machines

If you’re looking to upgrade your fitness routine by purchasing a rowing machine, the newest series from NordicTrack is a compelling choice. Featuring the latest technology and groundbreaking iFit active guided workout system, NordicTrack is back.
Below, learn about the features of this new lineup, plus the exciting iFit training ecosystem. And if you pick up a new rowing machine soon, don’t forget the extended fitness equipment warranty from Upsie. It’s a great choice for your new investment.
The new NordicTrack rowing lineup includes three models, the RW600, RW700 and RW900. Each model is quite similar. Here’s what to expect from your experience no matter which model you choose.

Shared Features in the New Lineup

All three models offer a stunning 26 levels of resistance. You can control these as you work out, and if you’re doing an iFit routine guided by a pro instructor, your instructor can adjust your resistance on the fly. It’s pretty slick stuff.
Each model features both silent magnetic resistance and manual air resistance, giving you greater flexibility than you might expect. The pedal experience is solid, too, with oversized pedals outfitted with quick-release bindings.
All three models also fold in half, saving you space when you’re not working out. These are premium pieces of equipment designed to take a beating and last a decade or more.

A Dynamic Trainer-Led Experience

The real magic of NordicTrack’s latest rowing machines is the dynamic trainer-led experience, called iFit.
One year of iFit membership is included in the purchase price of all three models. Afterward, iFit becomes a subscription model. The costs are significant, but not out of line with similar services from Peloton or Echelon. A family membership (with up to five profiles) costs $39 per month or $396 per year, while an individual membership runs $180 per year.
For the money, it’s a great fitness subscription option. You’re not just watching a static video of a frustratingly-fit instructor. With iFit, the instructor can control the resistance on your rowing machine, actively guiding you through a dynamic workout. It’s an impressive bit of technology that can make a real difference.

NordicTrack RW600

The NordicTrack RW600 is the entry-level model in the lineup. It features a small 10-inch HD touchscreen (about the size of an iPad—in fact, it looks like it could be an iPad) and offers all the core features described above.
The RW600 costs $999 and should begin shipping in mid-April 2021.

NordicTrack RW700

The NordicTrack RW700 is very similar to the RW600, with one major upgrade: the screen. With this model, you get a 14-inch touchscreen instead of the 10-inch screen on the RW600. The screen rotates as well, allowing you to take part in other floor-based iFit routines by positioning yourself near your rowing machine.
You’ll spend an additional $300 for this upgraded model, which retails for $1,299. This midrange model is new for 2021 and is available now.

NordicTrack RW900

The NordicTrack RW900 features everything included in the previous two models, plus a huge 22-inch rotating and tiltable Smart HD touchscreen.
The rotation feature is a big deal because it allows you to pivot the screen so you can view it from in front of or beside your rower. In this way, you can access other iFit training modules that aren’t rowing-based, like cardio, yoga or weight training.
The entire console is adjustable on the RW900 as well, giving you a greater deal of freedom.
In addition, the RW900 adds in Bluetooth headphone connectivity, letting you get your workout on wirelessly and keep the room noise to a minimum.
It’s a solid device: PCMag rates it highly as a truly impressive connected rower. The NordicTrack RW900 jumps up in price, with a list price of $1,599.

Choose an Upsie Extended Warranty for Your New NordicTrack Rower

All three modern connected rowers from NordicTrack are impressive pieces of workout equipment that should provide years of use. Still, even a brand with a track record as good as NordicTrack has its weaknesses. Rowers are highly mechanical machines, with moving parts and plenty of tension involved. Even well-made rowers like this one run a decent chance of needing maintenance, repair or replacement.
That’s where Upsie comes in. With extended warranties for fitness gear at prices that will impress you, Upsie offers coverage in case something does happen. Upsie provides easy 24/7 claims and in-home repairs that are unlimited up to the purchase price of the machine.
Don’t row another session without getting protection in place. Choose from three or five years of coverage, with no deductible for all covered claims.

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