Compare NordicTrack Vault vs Mirror vs Tonal Home Gyms

These days lots of people have chosen to invest in at-home fitness equipment instead of gym memberships. Some obvious benefits include not having to travel outside, deal with crowds, or pay monthly membership fees. And today's smart gym equipment uses the internet to deliver fitness classes, personal training, and lots of other services right to the home.

What is a Smart, At-Home Gym?

Smart, at-home gyms offer many advantages over traditional workout benches or resistance systems. For instance:
  • Storage and design: The manufacturers put a lot of thought into their products' physical design.
  • Built-in electronics and connectivity: Screen displays and internet connectivity allow users to track their workouts and progress. Users can even participate in fitness classes and other online services to help keep workouts effective and engaging.
Otherwise, these smart, at-home gyms offer the same weights, resistance bands, and other fitness equipment that traditional gyms use. Now, you can do strength training, body toning, and overall fitness at home.

Comparing NordicTrack Vault Vs Mirror Vs Tonal

Below is a brief summary of the highlights of the NordicTrack Vault, Mirror, and Tonal at-home gyms:


This unit mounts on a wall for easy access and storage. The two arms of the machine fold in and out, and each one can offer up to 100 pounds of resistance. Plus, the Tonal includes a 24-inch touchscreen to access hundreds of live classes. Some classes, like yoga, don't require the resistance arms. Over a dozen sensors monitor body position to help perfect form.
The Tonal provides an all-in-one system for toning, strength training, cardio, and flexibility. At the same time, it's also one of the most expensive systems. It offers a good option for people who want to invest in one sleek, stylish, and all-inclusive fitness system for their home.


Unlike most home gym systems, the mirror doesn't come with any of its own fitness equipment. In fact, the entire system consists of a touch-free screen monitor. Through this screen, users can access a variety of classes, from strength training to cardio to yoga.
This is a good option for people who already have gym equipment or want to take classes that don't require resistance bands or weights. It can also interface with phone apps to monitor heart rate and track progress. Since the Mirror has such a large screen, it's also ideal for family workouts.

NordicTrack Vault

As the name implies, the NordicTrack Vault somewhat resembles a wall safe when it's closed. The door includes a full-length mirror and a 32-inch touchscreen. Like most NordicTrack fitness systems, the Vault works with the iFit service to access personal trainers, exercise classes, and other trainers. The storage system holds a variety of workout equipment, including free weights and resistance bands. With the equipment and connected services, Vault users can access a variety of different types of workouts, such as weight training and cardio.
NordicTrack has established itself as an innovative fitness company. For example, CNET highlighted the ways that the NordicTrack Vault made it possible to invite personal trainers into the home. Also, iFit offers plenty of other engaging services that can help motivate people to maintain their fitness schedule. The NordicTrack Vault has a price comparable to Tonal; however, the Vault takes up slightly more room.

Is the NordicTrack Vault, Tonal, or Mirror Best?

All of these high-quality smart gyms will provide the incentives and equipment to stay in shape:
  • The Mirror system provides more flexibility because owners can stand it against the wall and use their own fitness equipment. It's also about $1,000 cheaper than the other two options and performs well for group workouts.
  • The Tonal offers a very sleek and all-inclusive choice. Strength training relies upon a resistance system. The fact that it requires wall mounting may be a plus or minus for some.
  • Some folks may gravitate towards the NordicTrack because it offers free weights, connects with iFit, and has better name recognition. It takes up somewhat more space than the other two options but offers an almost unlimited array of features.

How to Protect a NordicTrack Vault Investment

All three of these fitness companies have created very innovative products to meet the needs of today's fitness-motivated consumers. And these smart fitness systems aren't cheap.
Obviously, people who spend a few thousand dollars on fitness systems expect to enjoy them for years. Meanwhile, the NordicTrack limited warranty only provides short-term protection for parts or labor and specifically excludes many common events that could cause damage.
In contrast, Upsie offers the best choice for a NordicTrack extended warranty. For example, an Upsie extended warranty for fitness equipment includes in-home service that covers damages or defects (Upsie does not cover the Tonal or Mirror yet.) Customers can choose between three-year or five-year plans. Even better, anybody can buy their warranty entirely online and enjoy 24-7 access to claims service by phone or internet, with all repairs completed in-home by certified technicians.

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