The Best Warranty For NordicTrack Vault Fitness System

Just recently CNET highlighted the NordicTrack Vault as a product that helped bring personal training into homes. With the Vault, trainers don’t actually travel to people’s houses. Instead, they work with users through an internet connection and the built-in screen. Particularly these days, lots of people would rather avoid crowds and enjoy the convenience of having all they need to stay fit right at home.
At-home fitness equipment, like the NordicTrack Vault, uses smart tech to enhance traditional workouts. At the same time, many Vault owners also find it smart to protect their high-tech fitness equipment with a good extended warranty. This gives them the peace of mind of knowing that they can enjoy all of the benefits of their home workouts for years in the future.

What is the NordicTrack Vault?

The name, Vault, refers to the storage cabinet that holds exercise gear as dumbbells, a yoga mat, and resistance bands. Of course, the outstanding features of the cabinet include a full-sized mirror and a 32-inch HD touchscreen on the door.
The touchscreen works with iFit, NordicTrack’s online service. With iFit, Vault users can access hundreds of online classes at any time. This previous article covers a host of reasons why people find iFit subscriptions valuable. When using iFit, they can also use the mirror to ensure that their form matches the instructor’s.
Besides access to equipment and qualified fitness trainers, Vault owners also appreciate the compact size and stylish appearance of the Vault. Instead of needing an extra room for workouts, the cabinet fits neatly into almost any room of the home.

Why Buy a NordicTrack Vault Extended Warranty?

Like other advanced fitness equipment, the Vault uses sophisticated electronic systems to enhance traditional forms of exercise. Even though these advances in fitness tech bring lots of benefits, they also introduce more complexity. And with that complexity, there are more chances for things to go wrong. That’s especially true as the system gets used regularly over a period of months and years.
Of course, the NordicTrack Vault comes with a limited warranty. As mentioned by the FTC, these kinds of warranties limit the time of coverage, the types of repairs, and even the conditions of getting services covered. After spending a few thousand dollars on a high-quality fitness system, prudent consumers will consider protecting their investment with an extended warranty, also known as a full warranty.

How to Buy the Best Extended Warranty for a NordicTrack Vault

Just as NordicTrack has earned a reputation as an innovative fitness company, consumers think of Upsie as an innovative warranty provider. Upsie provides NordicTrack warranties and gives customers up to 11 months after their equipment purchase to get one. Just be certain to keep a copy of the receipt to use when activating the warranty online. After activation, Upsie will store the receipt for you.
Instead of adding a lot of limits, Upsie provides very comprehensive and transparent details, which anybody can read on the NordicTrack warranty page. Some highlights of this broad and affordable coverage include:
  • Protection against mechanical failure of parts
  • Coverage for electronics, including display screens, connectivity, and batteries
  • A choice of affordable three- or five-year protection plans
Even more, Upsie customers can submit warranty claims 24-7 online or by calling live representatives. The company will send certified repair services to their customer’s home. Occasionally, repairs won’t make sense, and in that case, Upsie will even provide a replacement on the first claim.
Besides NordicTrack, Upsie also provides protection plans for other top fitness brands, like Peloton, ProForm, or Bowflex. To get started, check the fitness warranty page or call customer service for help.

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