What We Know about the Galaxy Home Mini 2

Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of products runs the gamut from phones and tablets to earbuds and smartwatches. One notable absence? A smart speaker to compete with Google Nest, Apple’s HomePod, and Amazon’s Echo.
With today’s tech titans fighting over demanding consumers, Samsung now appears to have another weapon in its arsenal. Or at least, that’s what rampant online speculation and leaks seem to suggest. A promising smart speaker — dubbed the Galaxy Home Mini 2 — is almost certainly hitting store shelves soon. Keep reading to learn all about this exciting new gadget from Samsung.

Galaxy Home Mini 2: The Prequel?

American fans of Samsung products will undoubtedly wonder how this first entry in the smart speaker line could be called the Galaxy Home Mini 2. The answer is actually pretty simple — it’s not Samsung’s first stab at a smart speaker.
According to TechRadar, the original Galaxy Home Mini was released in South Korea but never made it to other markets. Those who assume that Samsung is entering uncharted waters with an all-new device can rest easy, as the manufacturer has plenty of experience in the speaker space.

What We Know So Far About the Galaxy Home Mini 2

It’s become common practice for some lower-profile gadgets to be announced via leaks on the internet. The Motorola Razr 3 suffered this fate — and it appears that Samsung’s newest smart speaker has also succumbed.
In mid-January, trusted Samsung product journalist Max Jambor all but confirmed the existence of the Galaxy Home Mini 2. And prior to Jambor’s declaration, word of a new smart speaker also dropped on the SamMobile website. Complete with a model number and some specification speculation, SamMobile’s article came off as less of a leak and more like an extremely educated guess.
While Samsung has officially confirmed nothing, the company’s continued silence is unsurprising. Representatives are unlikely to speak up if they plan to only release Galaxy Home Mini 2 in South Korea. After all, the small-scale nature of the original didn’t prompt much attention. Moreover, a big announcement at a major tech show is unlikely if the new device is a similar niche product.
There’s only so much that a smart speaker can accomplish, especially when it’s tied into a specific tech ecosystem. Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is a fine feature found in Galaxy phones and other devices. As such, it’s almost certainly going to be featured heavily in a new Home Mini 2 speaker. Expect the Galaxy Home Mini 2 to do everything Bixby can already accomplish — in a small form factor.

What We Don’t Know So Far About the Galaxy Home Mini 2

Samsung originally announced the Galaxy Home smart speaker back in 2018, but the device has never materialized. This could spell trouble for any impending device, as Samsung now has a reputation for not bringing every product it unveils to the market. So while the time has finally come to jump into the smart speaker market, it’s not a sure thing.
Whether or not Samsung releases the rumored device in the West remains another issue altogether. Samsung’s track record proves that the company is more than willing to let certain devices stay home in South Korea. This scenario is more likely with the Galaxy Home Mini 2 since, as mentioned previously, Samsung released the original in South Korea.
We don’t yet know the price and release dates. We can make a few guesses, however. If the rumors and leaks are true and the Galaxy Home Mini 2 exists, it will have a competitive price. With Apple, Google and Amazon all offering $99 smart speakers, Samsung can make waves by undercutting the competition. Would a Galaxy Home Mini 2 speaker be desirable at $79? We certainly think so.

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