Adidas FWD-02 Sport Earbuds Review

Adidas isn’t a name that necessarily springs to mind when it comes to headphone brands. But perhaps it should be. That’s because, for several years now, the company has been producing a constantly evolving range of headphones and earbuds. They’re the result of an ongoing partnership with Zound Industries. Among the highlights are the Adidas FWD-02 sport earbuds. The FWD-02s are the follow-up to the original FWD-01s.
The two brands have honed their offering, releasing various other models in the process. In addition, they were co-created by athletes, and all are very much sport-focused. Zound Industries, meanwhile, most notably designs and develops headphones under other brands such as Marshall and Urbanears.
So, how do the FWD-02 sport earbuds stack up against the competition?

What Adidas Says About Its FWD-02 Sport Earbuds

The FWD-02 sport earbuds from Adidas promise wearers the freedom to run. With that, wearers can, quite literally, hit the ground running, according to the manufacturer. In addition to the FWD-02 earbuds’ sleek design, Adidas and Zound Industries have, together, focused closely on providing superior ergonomics. The result is touted to be a pair of wireless earbuds that stay firmly in place.
Adidas further promises reliable sweat-proofing and intuitive, easy-to-use, and glove-friendly controls that are always responsive. With the FWD-02s, there’s no holding back, Adidas says, when it comes to runners and other athletes looking to push themselves to their limits.

Adidas FWD-02 Sport Earbuds Features

In terms of features, the Adidas FWD-02s are well-equipped, particularly for a pair of sporting earbuds. In addition to their intuitive controls and sweat-proofing, they’re water-resistant, too, boasting an IPX5-rated design.
However, they can’t quite live up to the superior IPX8 rating enjoyed by various earbuds from other manufacturers. That said, their superior ergonomics include four extra pairs of tips and five different sets of wings.
Elsewhere, a clever awareness mode lets in ambient noise as required for extra safety when working out. The facilitation of a series of custom actions allows wearers to fine-tune their interactions with the Adidas FWD-02s. They can also receive and end calls via the earbuds’ built-in buttons, in addition to using them to control their music. All told, it’s not a dissimilar offering to other primarily sport-focused earbuds from competing brands.
However, a few small additions help set the Adidas FWD-02s apart from the competition. Their compact charging case, for example, is ventilated so that the earbuds can air out between uses. The same compact case also offers 19 hours of on-the-go charging in addition to six hours of playtime per charge packed into the earbuds themselves.
A quick charge of just 15 minutes grants a full hour of playtime, while the Adidas FWD-02s take around an hour and a half to charge fully. Fully charged, FWD-02 buyers can then expect Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity over a range of up to approximately 30 feet.
The earbuds are available in a choice of dark and light gray finishes and are also fully compatible with the Adidas Headphones app. With that, buyers can conveniently control and customize various aspects of the FWD-02s. That includes connecting a Spotify account and syncing up activities from the accompanying Adidas Running app.

Adidas FWD-02 Sport Earbuds Price

The Adidas FWD-02 sport earbuds cost $169.99. To put that into context, it’s roughly the same as Apple’s now-ubiquitous $159 entry-level AirPods and Google’s latest generation of its flagship Buds at $179. It also puts them right in the middle of the price range of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, which cost between $129.99 and $199.99.
However, none of these are as focused on sporting activities as the Adidas offering. To find something similar, it’s necessary to explore what’s on offer from the likes of Bose, Jabra, JBL, and Sony. All produce one or more similarly priced alternatives, including Bose – a brand traditionally famed for its high prices. Of course, neither Bose, Jabra, JBL, nor Sony has the credentials of Adidas when it comes to being genuinely sport-focused, which has to be a major selling point for the FWD-02s.

Best Sport Earbuds Warranty

The Adidas FWD-02s come with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty includes coverage in the event of manufacturing defects caused by either materials or workmanship, provided that the earbuds are utilized strictly in line with their user manual. Unfortunately, the same warranty doesn’t cover batteries, coatings, broken plastics, damage caused by liquid contact, or issues stemming from wear and tear or aging.
Luckily, Upsie offers the best extended warranties for customers looking to upgrade their protection. Upsie’s extended headphone warranty solutions include comprehensive protection in the event of manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures. The same policies also protect against accidental damage, including drops, cracks, and liquid spills.
All of Upsie’s extended headphone and earbud warranties are comprehensive, affordable, and easy to understand. Plus, they are fully transferable, meaning that customers can gift the warranty with the earbuds. Best of all, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere. For example, a three-year extended Adidas FWD-02 warranty costs less than $1 per month.
Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for earbuds bought in the last 60 days.

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