Beoplay Portal Wireless Gaming Headphones Review

Avid gamers have probably already researched gaming consoles, PCs, controllers, and even gaming smartphones. For a truly immersive experience, add gaming headphones to the shopping list. Consider Beoplay Portal wireless gaming headphones for comfort, versatility, superb audio, and wired and wireless connection options. At the same time, learn about a couple of drawbacks that make some consumers consider another brand.

Top Features of Beoplay Portal Wireless Gaming Headphones

According to TechRadar, these headphones can meet the demands of almost every gamer. For instance, they directly connect to Xbox consoles and smartphones via Bluetooth. The headset also links to various devices with a 3.5 mm jack.
Unlike most gaming headsets, the Beoplay Portal Wireless gaming headphones feature active notice cancellation. ANC might not make a lot of difference at home, but it’s a true game-changer when using portable devices in public spaces or outdoors. They’re also lightweight, at just under 10 ounces, so most people should find them comfortable enough to wear through long gaming sessions.

Are Beoplay Portal Headphones Worth the Money?

These headphones retail for just under $500, making them a relatively expensive choice. For that price, users probably expect them to perform perfectly. These headphones do many things well and offer valuable features. For instance, they offer ANC, a rarity with gaming headphones. They also broadcast excellent audio, which works just as well for playing music as it does for playing games.
Despite the high price and many excellent features, these headphones aren’t perfect. For instance, some reviewers had short, intermittent connection problems with the direct Xbox link. The Beoplay Portal headphones also don’t come with a case. These drawbacks might make some people hesitate before spending almost as much on headphones as they did on their last gaming console or smartphone.
TechRadar thinks the Xbox Series X might offer a less frustrating choice for people mainly focused on Xbox. On the other hand, some retailers offer the Beoplay Portal headphones on sale for about $150 less than retail. Also, these headphones play music well, a quality many gaming headphones lack. People who also want to listen to music, value comfort, and appreciate versatility may want to consider investing in these premium headphones.

Where to Buy the Best Extended Warranty for Gaming Headphones

The Beoplay headphones come with a limited warranty. If the manufacturer agrees that connection problems stemmed from a manufacturing defect, the company should offer to repair or replace the headsets under the terms of their limited warranty.
Thus, the glitch that the reviewers uncovered might not provide an overwhelming reason to pass up this otherwise excellent headset. However, for problems caused by wear, accidents, or even defects after the initial warranty ends, the headset’s owners have to seek and pay for repairs on their own.
Luckily, Upsie offers extended warranties for gaming headphones that provide customers with comprehensive protection and high-quality services. Features of Upsie protection include:
  • Covered damages include drops, liquid spills, wear, and defects that appear after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.
  • Upsie lets customers select local or mail-in services, and Upsie even pays postage for two-day shipping for warranty repairs.
  • Claims representatives will answer the phone 24-7 to help expedite claims and repair services.
Upsie also makes it simple for customers to upload a sales receipt and enroll in a protection plan online. Customers have up to 60 days to choose a two-year or three-year extended warranty.
In addition, Upsie’s warranties are affordable and cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere. Besides the Beoplay Portal, Upsie also offers protection for other headset brands, gaming consoles, PCs, and accessories.

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