HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

As a serious gamer—or simply as a gamer who seriously loves gaming—you know how vital a good gaming headset is to the whole setup. Even if you don’t plan to start a Twitch gaming channel, you want to get high-quality gear at a reasonable price.
Multiple factors go into the decision-making process, such as comfort, sound quality, connectivity, and an affordable price. The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset and a robust extended video gaming accessory warranty might check all those boxes.
Like so many electronics and gaming markets, the headset area is saturated with competition. As a result, the shopping process can feel daunting. In addition, you don’t want to get taken in by smoke, mirrors, and gimmicks. Instead, you want something that will do what it claims and positively impact your game’s quality every time you sign in to play.
Let’s take a closer look at factors to consider as you shop for a gaming headset and whether the HyperX Cloud II lives up to your desired criteria.

The Top Features and Specifications Gamers Need from Their Gaming Headsets

Regardless of your gaming level or gaming aspirations, everyone has a specific set of standards for all their gaming equipment. You most likely do too. Or, if you are new to gaming, you are learning and developing your standards to find out what matters most and how to get the most value out of your gaming investments.
Quite obviously, excellent sound quality is an absolute must. The whole point of wearing a headset while gaming is to ensure you don’t miss a single thing. It also enhances the experience, amplifying and intensifying everything going on around you. Games are often packed with great music, but more importantly, aural clues in many cases, offering you insights on how to proceed.
According to Gadget Review, headsets are also vital for their noise cancellation properties. Again, this allows you to shut out ambient sounds in your home. Or, if you live in a busy area with lots of street noise, you can eliminate that by simply sliding your headphones over your head.
Another reason gamers rely on headsets is the fact that they offer a better microphone experience than if you were to try to use only your PC or laptop microphone. Again, you can isolate your voice when using your headset.

How Does the HyperX Cloud II Headset Rate?

PC Gamer gives HyperX Cloud II a rating of 4.5 stars among the 2022 gamer headset contenders, which is high praise, but does it measure up to your desired criteria? Let’s take a look at what HyperX Cloud II has to offer and if it’s right for your gaming experience.

Design of the HyperX Cloud II

Designed for comfort during hours of play, the HyperX Cloud II features comfortable memory foam ear cushions. The leatherette headband keeps everything in place without slipping or any other movement. It allows you to stay focused on gaming, no matter how active you become. Essentially, they fit snugly, but you barely notice wearing them.
Even better, the leather pads themselves not only offer comfort and softness, but they also help further isolate you from any noise in your home, boosting the noise cancellation factor. Finally, the high-quality means that your HyperX Cloud II was designed to last with its durable aluminum frame.

Audio Quality of the HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II doesn’t just focus on comfort and forget about the audio quality. Industry insiders love it, touting its large 53-millimeter drivers that let you hear in-game details better, giving you the edge against your opponents. As a result, you’ll hear every footstep, heartbeat, pin-drop, and noise. None of this should come as a surprise since it features 7.1 virtual surround sound for maximum immersion.
The passive noise cancellation uses the closed ear-cup design to block outside distractions and keep you focused on the game.

Additional Features and Specifications You Will Love

The favorable reviews from industry professionals and users go on to include some of the following highlights:
  • The detachable noise-canceling microphone has the stamp of approval from Discord and TeamSpeak. You can communicate with your teammates and opponents loud and clear.
  • Compatible with 7.1 virtual surround sound on Mac and PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and various mobile devices.
  • Memory foam earpads for hours of supreme comfort.
  • Wireless connectivity gives the freedom to move around during play as needed.
  • A tap-to-mute sensor to quickly go silent for strategic or personal purposes during gameplay.
  • The dual-chamber driver system distinguishes and separates the bass from the mids and highs, reducing distortion.
  • The price range comes in at around $99-149.

It Looks Like HyperX Cloud II Is a Top Headset Option In 2022

All the HyperX Cloud II reports look great so far, so whether you are a hobby gamer or have bigger aspirations, this might be the right headset for you.
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