The Best AirPods Max Warranty Protection Plans

According to CNET, even their reviewers initially wondered if Apple could possibly sell many AirPods Max at $549. Then they watched Apple sell out three days after the presale started. Shortly afterwards, these new headphones started showing up on third-party markets for $200+ over list price. Then CNET wondered if Apple should have even charged more.
So yes, AirPods Max cost a lot for noise-canceling headphones. Also, yes, plenty of people have demonstrated that they’re willing to pay the price. Shoppers will need to decide for themselves if AirPods Max are worth the price. Of course, buyers should also do what they can to protect that investment with the best warranty.

Why Do AirPods Max Cost A Lot?

In their final review, CNET agreed that the AirPods Max were worth the list price for the high-end experience that they could deliver. Some of the main benefits included their durable build, noise-canceling ability, and sound quality. On the downside, they weigh a bit more than competitors. Also, the case’s purse-like style might not appeal to everybody.
CNET did not suggest spending more than the retail price on the aftermarket because some other models and brands could deliver a good value. For other noise-canceling headphones to compare to AirPods Max, they suggested AirPods Pro, Sony WH-1000XM4, and Bose 700. Otherwise, just wait until they come back in stock.

How to Get the Best AirPods Max Warranty Protection

Lots of folks who do shell out over $500 for headphones will want to consider protecting their purchase with an extended warranty. People drop them or get caught outside in sudden rain storms all of the time. While reviewers find AirPods Max headphones relatively durable, they’re certainly not accident or environment-proof.
The original, limited warranty focuses mostly on defects in workmanship or materials. Plus, it only lasts for a year. Apple does offer AppleCare Plus for extended warranty protection. Recognizing it’s an on-the-go product, they even extended accidental damage protection from two incidents every 24 months to two incidents every 12 months, according to CNET.
Despite this, consumers should compare that to better and more affordable warranty companies, like Upsie. It’s fair to argue that Apple AirPods are worth the price; however, the Upsie AirPods Max extended warranty clearly offers a better value.
Here’s a quick comparison between Upsie and AppleCare Plus:
  • Upsie coverage costs less than AppleCare Plus and offers a lower deductible of only $25. Plus, Upsie offers the choice of a two- or three-year warranty.
  • Upsie protects AirPods owners against unlimited claims and not just two incidents a year. Very often, one incident will cause multiple kinds of damage, so this matters a lot.
  • The Upsie protection plan will help pay to repair both accidental damage and issues that stem from failed parts or workmanship.
  • Upsie will provide warranty plans up to 60 days after buying new headphones, so there’s no reason to make a quick decision at the counter.
Upsie members can contact customer service to start their claim 24-7. In turn, live representatives can offer choices between local, certified repair or mail-in services, and even Genius Bar repairs. If repairs aren’t feasible, Upsie will even offer replacements.

How to Get an Upsie AirPods Max Extended Warranty

Besides covering AirPods Max, Upsie also provides protection plans for other models and brands of headphones, earbuds, and even speakers. Because this warranty company offers plans for up to 60 days after a purchase, nobody needs to rush into a warranty decision when they snag their new earphones either. Just take a photo of the receipt or upload a digital copy in the Upsie system during registration.
Because Upsie is completely transparent, here’s the fine print. Upsie has a 30-day waiting period, so members can begin making claims on the 31st day. Note that Upsie extends the manufacturer warranty. If the manufacturer’s warranty covers a particular issue, they may direct customers back to Apple for defects during that first year. The original, Apple limited warranty will not cover accidents, so that’s the incentive to buy Upsie protection plans sooner instead of later.
To get started, visit Upsie’s headphone, earbud, and speaker warranty page. Click the image with the brand, and then answer a couple of questions to specify the brand and price paid. After viewing the transparent details, new members can pay and register their product online.
Finally, Upsie members can enjoy their new products without having to worry about unexpected repair bills or hassles getting service. They have Upsie representatives to guide them during every step of the process.

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