Compare Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds vs. Apple Airpods Pro

When it comes to sound accessories, Bose and Apple have both earned widespread brand recognition. Thus, these two major manufacturers tend to attract attention when discerning consumers shop for premium earbuds. For a quick comparison, contrast the sound quality, comfort, price, and noise cancellation of Bose Quiet Comfort vs. Apple Airpods Pro.

How Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds and Apple Airpods Pro Compare

PC Magazine rated these earbuds as expensive choices when compared to many other brands on the market. After all, some companies sell true wireless earbuds for around $100. In contrast, expect to pay close to $200 for Apple Airpods Pro and almost $300 for Bose Quietcomfort.
At the same time, PC Magazine awarded both models their “Editors’ Choice” badge for quality. At least in some areas, these products greatly outperformed cheaper competition, so people who care about these features should feel like they have made a good investment.
For some examples:
  • The Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds provide exceptional noise cancellation and good overall sound performance.
  • Apple Airpods Pro offer superior overall sound, and they feel comfortable to wear.
Both models fit securely and come with a splash-resistant design. Airpods provide hand-free access to Siri, decent sound cancellation, and a handy charging case. The Quietcomfort excels in sound quality and noise cancelation. In fact, PC Magazine rated the Bose Quietcomfort noise cancellation as the best they have tested for true wireless earbuds.
So, which earbuds will provide people with the best experience for their money? Honestly, people who already invest in Apple devices will likely gravitate to Airpods. But brand-agnostic audiophiles might feel more satisfied with Bose. Either choice should satisfy most reasonable expectations for true wireless earbuds.

Do Airpods Pro and Quietcomfort Earbuds Come With Any Drawbacks?

Airpods Pro buyers might feel disappointed with the lack of any on-ear controls. Bose provides these, but they’re not very robust. While both models have Bluetooth connectivity, only the Apple Airpods connect via Apple H1.

Do Bose and Apple Earbuds Need Extra Protection?

Even though both brands offer snug, secure fits, wearers should take extra care when they’re running or engaging in other vigorous activities. Also, both models have water- and sweat-resistant ratings, but neither one is rated as waterproof. Thus, dropping them either on a hard surface or into a swimming pool can cause damage.
Besides damage from falls or moisture, dirt and other kinds of contamination can impede connectivity. So, it’s a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s guide to keep them clean. When not in use, owners should store the earbuds in their case.

Where to buy Apple and Bose EarbudExtended Warranties

Of course, both Bose and Apple market earbuds for people to carry along inside and outside. Eventually, they’re likely to get dropped, dirty, or even wet. Sadly, the limited warranties that come with these products won’t help pay to repair this type of accidental damage. For extra insurance, look into buying the best Apple or Bose extended warranties.
An inexpensive earbud extended warranty from Upsie will provide access to 24-7 claims service, local or mail-in certified techs, and assurance that the devices will either get repaired promptly or replaced. Upsie protection plans guard against accidents like drops and spills, connectivity issues, and much more.
To get started, simply visit the Upsie earbuds extended warranty page. Select the brand, condition (new or used) and price paid before tax and discounts. Then view your options for plan duration, price and coverage details.

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