AirPods Alternatives: Amazon Echo Buds Vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

According to Statistica, Apple AirPods command about 50 percent of the entire earbud market. That still leaves half of the market to competitors. In fact, Apple alternatives may provide a better solution than AirPods for some people, especially for those without other Apple devices.

Apple Echo Buds+ Vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

For some good alternatives to Apple AirPods, compare Amazon Echo Buds vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

Price Comparison

Apple’s cheapest AirPods sell for $159. In particular, Samsung and Amazon offer cheaper alternatives to AirPods:
  • Amazon Echo Buds: Amazon lists a regular price for their Echo Buds of $130. At the same time, they appear to go on sale frequently, and diligent shoppers may find them for well under $100. According to Digital Trends, Amazon’s earbud pricing provides the best value for shoppers who need to stick to a budget.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds+: Similar to Amazon Echo Buds, Samsung Galaxy Buds+ have a listed price of $140. Yet, they frequently appear on sale directly from Samsung or at third-party retailers for about $109.

Battery Life

People who plan to take their ear buds with them when they’re traveling will probably favor a longer battery life. Look at how Echo Buds and Buds+ compare:
  • Amazon Echo Buds: With a full charge, Echo Buds last almost five hours. With charged Echo Buds and a fully charged case, expect to enjoy about 20 hours of listening before it’s time to look for an outlet.
  • Samsung Buds+: In contrast, the Buds+ from Samsung can run for almost 11 hours on a full charge. The charging case can add another 11 hours for 22 total hours.
Even though Amazon’s product won on price, Samsung’s earbuds win for time between charges.

Sound Quality

Consumers care about price and battery life, but lots of people will sacrifice a bit of each to enjoy the best sound quality. For their relatively modest price, they both deliver decent sound. The Echo Buds appear to deliver a balanced sound somewhat better than Samsung Buds+, though they’re closely matched.

Comfort and Secure Fit

With a smaller size and lighter weight, most people will probably find the Samsung Buds+ more comfortable. At the same time, the Amazon Echo Buds still feel relatively comfortable. Also, Echo Buds come with ear fins that help them stay lodged securely in your ears. In general, Samsung wins for comfort; however, Amazon may stay in place during physical activities better.

Device Integration

Unsurprisingly, each of these choices integrates best with products from their respective manufacturers. In other words, Amazon Echo Buds work very well with Alexa devices, and Samsung Buds+ work seamlessly with Samsung phones.
At the same time, they each work with devices from many other manufacturers, including each other’s. It just may take a little more effort to integrate and use them. Still, the brand of other devices already owned and used might provide the tiebreaker for people who can’t decide between Samsung Buds+ and Amazon Echo Buds.

Are Amazon Echo Buds or Samsung Buds+ a Better Choice?

Either of these two choices should provide a satisfactory experience. For lots of people, other products that they own from one brand or the other might make the largest difference. Similarly, people who already use and like Apple products will probably gravitate towards Apple AirPods. Anybody who hasn’t made up their mind yet should consider some other good choices for ear buds.

How to Protect Amazon Echo Buds and Samsung Buds+

The best choice of ear buds may depend upon budgets, preferences, and other devices owned. At the same time, any brand of earbuds could suffer from some of the same common problems over time. These typical issues may include damage from moisture, loose connections, or simply getting dropped.
For just a few more dollars, an Upsie earbud extended warranty can ensure prompt repairs, access to 24-7 claims service, and local or mail-in repairs from certified technicians. A choice of two- and three-year protection plans covers accidental damage, early wear, and manufacturing defects. Besides ear buds, Upsie also offers coverage for many kinds of electronics, like smartphones, computers, and tablets.

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