How to Buy the Best Warranty for Refurbished Headphones

It might not make sense to shop for refurbished headphones for cheap brands found at discount stores. However, many of the best over-the-ear headphones range from almost $300 to $500 brand new. In addition, audiophiles and musicians can easily spend thousands of dollars on professional quality.
In these cases, considering refurbished headsets from premium brands makes as much sense as choosing refurbished premium smartphones or buying a pre-owned car. The fact that somebody might have used them before and possibly even had them repaired likely won’t impact the experience. The money saved can help people budget for a better quality product with more features.
For instance, ABC News reported that buyers could save as much as 50 percent off the brand-new price of the same model of headphones. Instead of making do with cheap headphones, music lovers can enjoy the premium sound and features of high-quality refurbished ones.
Some trusted outlets for refurbished headsets and other electronics include Amazon’s Renewed section and the Geek Squad Certified Refurbished program. Outlets like these inspect and repair refurbished products, and they also provide customers with a warranty to ensure satisfaction and value.

How to Protect Refurbished Headphones

Of course, many people have the same concerns about refurbished headsets that they consider for other types of refurbished devices. Anybody who has relied on headsets in the past knows they may suffer from issues like damaged ports or broken wires. Mainly, consumers worry that buying pre-owned headphones means purchasing somebody else’s problem.
Still, people and businesses trade in headphones for many reasons and not just because the item suffered from a defect or damage. Also, qualified technicians can quickly repair many common issues. Top retailers and manufacturers also run trade-in programs to ensure they deliver the headsets in like-new condition and take them back if the buyer finds a problem within a stated amount of time.
Still, people who buy high-quality headphones, new or refurbished, should consider the benefits of purchasing an extended warranty. Good warranties reduce waste because they encourage repairs, will prevent unexpected bills, and can offer assurance that customers can access qualified technicians.

What’s the Best Extended Warranty for Refurbished Headphones?

Some people don’t even realize they can purchase an extended warranty for refurbished headphones. Many warranty companies indeed focus on only protecting new devices.
Here’s the good news! Upsie offers an extended warranty for refurbished headphones. Upsie only requires at least a 30-day seller’s warranty for pre-owned devices. And Upsie provides the same protection for refurbished headphones offered for new ones.
Some popular features of Upsie protection include:
  • Upsie offers a choice between two-year and three-year headphone protection plans.
  • Customers can call a claims representative 24-7 for help filing a claim and accessing service.
  • Customers can choose between local and mail-in repairs from certified technicians for a $25 deductible.
  • Upsie pays for the postage for mail-in repairs.
  • Upsie’s coverage includes spills, drops, defects, and wear.
Naturally, people buy refurbished headphones to enjoy premium quality for a lower price. Similarly, Upsie sells directly to customers and not through retail intermediaries. That allows Upsie to reduce its costs, charge up to 70 percent less than competitors, and offer premium services with broad coverage.
Buying refurbished headsets can make perfect sense. In turn, sensible buyers will consider protecting their purchase with an Upsie extended warranty. Upsie also offers warranty protection for new headsets, speakers, and other electronics.

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