How to Choose the Best Waterproof Speakers in 2021

According to TechRadar, anybody who plans to mix music and outdoor activities should consider investing in waterproof speakers. Waterproof speakers protect the sound quality from rain, sweat and pool water. Additionally, manufacturers design these speakers to be lightweight, portable devices. Prudent music lovers will leave their sensitive speakers indoors and take their waterproof speakers to the beach or backyard.

What Makes Speakers Waterproof?

CNET discussed various device ratings in an article about smartphone water resistance and waterproofing. The same ratings apply to speakers. IP refers to Ingress Protection. This kind of rating means an independent, certified organization tested the product.
This list explains some common ratings for water resistance and waterproofing:
  • IPX1: An IPX1 rating means that the product can take vertical sprays of water. This kind of speaker could hold up under a light shower.
  • IPX4: This rating indicates the product can resist heavy sprays of water. This product could withstand heavy rain or splashing from the pool.
  • IPX7: The product can resist getting submerged underwater up to a depth of one meter and for less than 30 minutes. This means the speaker should survive getting dropped in a puddle or shallow pool if it’s retrieved right away.
  • IPX8: The product can resist submission over one meter. The manufacturer will supply more details. Very often, manufacturers make products with this rating for underwater use and not just accidental spills or drops.
Ratings of IPX7 or better indicate waterproof products. Lower ratings indicate water resistance. As a note, any digits that replace the X in the code indicate that a product can resist dust and other solid particles. For instance, a product rated IPX7 or better should offer decent protection against both dust and water.

Top Waterproof Speakers for 2021

Plenty of manufacturers offer portable speakers that can stand up to outdoor elements. To save time, consider this list of well-reviewed waterproof speakers on the market in 2021:
  • Wonderboom 2 by Ultimate Ears: This lightweight, versatile speaker offers a 10-hour battery life, a 100-foot wireless range, and an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating. It weighs less than one pound and sells for about $89.
  • Roam by Sonos: The Sonos offers comparable specs to the Wonderboom 2 but stands out as one of the best Bluetooth-enabled speakers. It’s priced at $169. Also, compare Sonos Roam vs. Move speakers here.
  • Soundcore Flare 2 by Anker: Consider the Flare 2 as an affordable Bluetooth choice. It sells for $69, weighs 1.29 pounds, and has an IPX7 rating.
  • Megablast 3 by Ultimate Ears: For about $219, the Megablast delivers 20 hours of battery life, Alexa integration, and a sound that’s big enough for the outdoors. It also has a waterproof and dustproof rating. Sadly, the charging dock comes as a separate accessory for about $30.
  • XSound Go by Tribit: For only $32, the XSound Go offers expansive sound, a water- and dust-resistant rating, and a great battery life. However, it does take some time to charge.

Do Waterproof Speakers Need Extra Protection?

Manufacturers develop and design outdoor speakers to withstand hazards such as water and dirt. However, consumers should invest in a way to protect their waterproof speakers from damage. One of the best ways to protect devices is by purchasing an extended warranty from Upsie.
An Upsie extended speaker warranty will repair damage caused by accidents or issues with mechanical parts, sound, and power. In addition, Upsie’s repairs are convenient and offer a choice between local or postage-paid, mail-in service.
Take some time considering the best choice for waterproof speakers. After that, speaker buyers have up to 60 days to purchase Upsie warranty protection.

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