Dyson Zone: Air Purifying Headphones with ANC

Headphones have come a long, long way over the past few decades. Once a simple way to privately listen to your favorite music, talk radio programs, or podcasts, your options have grown as we move deeper into 21st-century technology. However, with noise cancellation, Bluetooth, and air purification, it’s hard to know what will come next.
The Dyson Zone Air Purifying Headphones with ANC might sound like some strange franken-design of vacuum cleaners and headphones. They are just that, but with more subtleties. It’s a combination you might not have realized you needed until now. Hopefully, the rest of the information here will help you figure that out. So will the Dyson Zone be something that will enhance your health and listening pleasure?

A Little Information About Dyson

If you’re shopping for headphones, you might not have heard of the Dyson brand before.
Established in 1991, the brand launched its brand by creating household appliances, including vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, heaters, air purifiers, and hair dryers. The company now employs more than 12,000 people worldwide and keeps growing, focusing on non-stop innovation to support consumers’ daily needs, comforts and conveniences. The company is now stepping into the personal listening device market, adding its own unique twist, ideally suited to the times.

What Is the Dyson Zone?

Better known as the Dyson Zone: Air Purifying Headphones with ANC, the Dyson Zone is a set of noise-canceling headphones with yet another twist: air purification. Referred to as air-purifying cans, Dyson Zone’s headphones offer something no one else in the market is trying. So this technology could become a game-changer in the challenging and uncertain times surrounding the pandemic.
Noted as looking like something out of a Daft Punk video, these headphones feature a massive set of ear cups and a large mouthpiece that goes entirely across the face, ear-to-ear, and features a chrome finish.

Why Did Dyson Create Air Purifying Headphones?

Jake Dyson cited air pollution as a global problem as the primary reason for the Dyson Zone because air pollution affects everyone, everywhere we are, and everywhere we go. He wanted to create something to resolve or alleviate this growing issue. Dyson wanted something to protect people at work, home, school, on the bus, or walking down the street. With the Dyson Zone, he intended to design and produce something to purify the air people breathe while on the go.
With the pandemic in mind, Dyson notes that the Dyson Zone goes well beyond what face masks do. The purifying headphones release and deliver a fresh plume of air without ever touching the wearer’s face. The Dyson Zone does this using high-performance filters and two miniature air pumps.
Although the company started the air-purifying project for headphone wearers more than six years ago—and has developed more than 500 prototypes until landing on the right one—the timing of their release couldn’t be more appropriate. Dyson now offers an opportunity for people to enjoy pure audio and pure air anytime, anywhere to combat the ever-expanding amount of air pollutants and more.

What Types of Pollutants Does the Dyson Zone Protect You From?

You’ll enjoy increased protection from two types of pollution:
  • Air Pollution: Air pollution is obvious, but it’s challenging to protect yourself from it on your own. Dyson focused on creating electrostatic filters to remove 99% of particulates that are as small as .1 microns. Additionally, the Dyson Zone includes activated carbon filters to absorb city fumes from vehicles.
  • Noise Pollution: Although high-fidelity audio isn’t Dyson’s hallmark feature, they didn’t scrimp on offering you the best in sound quality. The Dyson Zone headphones feature high-fidelity sound and advanced active and passive notice canceling to shut out noise pollution from the busy city streets.

The Importance of the Visor Bar

The giant ear cups aren’t just for sound quality. They also contain special fans to draw air through the circular perforations and pass through the air filters. The air then passes through the chrome-finished “visor bar” located in front of your nose and mouth without touching your face.
This bar connects magnetically to the headphones. And you can remove them if you only want to use your headphones for audio. If you need to remove the visor for a quick chat or a sip of coffee, you can swing it away on the hinges, then return it to position when you’re ready.

Do You Need the Dyson Zone?

Given all that has gone on in the world in the past few years, it’s nice to know a company is looking out for its customers’ well-being, fighting air and noise pollution. They’re certainly worth exploring if you live in an area with high noise pollution and air pollution.
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