Your Guide to the 2020 Sonos Speaker Collection

Sonos is an awesome brand of high-fidelity speakers. For many, Sonos hits the perfect balance between audio quality and smart technology, making the brand an attractive overall choice. That said, they do offer a wide range of speakers, and the names can get a little confusing. Upsie’s here to help with our guide to the 2020 collection of Sonos speakers.
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Soundbars: Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc

Ultra-premium 7.1-channel (or more) home theater systems are awesome, but they aren’t exactly practical for every room. For impressive, premium sound in a much smaller package, many people turn to a soundbar. Sonos offers two takes on the soundbar, both of which are seriously impressive. And both are fully featured Sonos devices, so they can play anything – not just TV sound.

Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam is the lower-priced of the two at $399, and it packs a real punch. The sound quality is excellent, and the company invested in Oscar-winning sound engineers to tune the device for impressively clear dialog. If it’s somehow not clear enough out of the box, Speech Enhancement mode extends this strength even further
The Beam offers voice and app control and connectivity with other Sonos devices to create true surround.

Sonos Arc

It may be hard to believe, but Sonos Arc manages to pack Dolby Atmos sound into a premium soundbar. It’s impressive, ultra-premium sound in a compact package (with a fairly hefty $799 price tag). Additionally, the Arc features Trueplay tuning technology, which allows the Arc to tune itself to the room you place it in, for perfect, immersive sound anywhere.
The Arc has the same Speech Enhancement and voice control tech as the Beam, too, and you can connect it to a subwoofer and two Sonos Ones for true surround.

Portable, Indoor-Outdoor Smart Speaker: Sonos Move

If you’re looking for the ultimate battery-powered, weatherproof and drop-resistant speaker, the Sonos Move is a great choice. At $399, this Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled speaker lets you stream content via the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2. The Move has impressive bass and all-around presence thanks to its two Class-D amplifiers, one downward-firing tweeter and a mid-woofer.
Sonos’ Trueplay technology is the star of the show here. Because the Move is designed to, well, move, Trueplay is always on, constantly tuning the sound, optimizing it for every environment. Simply put, it’s an impressive achievement.
The battery life is rated at 11 hours per charge, and the fast-charge base gets you listening again soon. And like other Sonos devices, you can control the Move with your voice or the Sonos app. CNet finds it impressive even if a bit bulky in its full review.

Modular Indoor Sound: Sonos Five, Sonos One, Sonos One SL

Sonos’s first claim to fame was high quality indoor audio infused with smart pairing tech and easy connectivity, and that vision lives on in its indoor smart speaker range.

Sonos One

Arguably the primary Sonos device, the Sonos One is a $200 marvel. On its own, it’s an impressive standalone smart speaker. Paired with a second Sonos One, it’s an intelligent stereo pair, creating an impressive stereo field. The Sonos One boasts luscious sound, more than you’d imagine from a device this size. TechRadar calls it “the best smart speaker you can buy today.”
The One has essentially the same audio hardware as the Move, just in a smaller, non-weatherproof package. It also has the same voice control and pairing capability as everything else in the line, and it uses Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth, for connectivity, giving you even higher levels of audio fidelity.

Sonos One SL

The One SL is the Sonos One sans voice control. Perfect for those with privacy concerns or who just won’t use the voice control features.

Sonos Five

Sonos Five is the big brother of the Sonos One. It has two angled tweeters, a center tweeter, and three high-excursion woofers for a sound that’s both powerful and just plain gorgeous. It has Trueplay speaker tuning, and you can control it using AirPlay 2 and the Sonos app (but not your voice). Like the others, it’s modular: it works beautifully as a standalone stereo device in horizontal mode. But turn it vertical and pair it with another Five for perhaps the most brilliant stereo sound you’ve ever heard.
At $499 the Five isn’t cheap, but we say it’s worth it.

Speakers Worth Protecting

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