Introducing the First Denon Ture Wireless Earbuds

What should consumers expect from Denon True Wireless earbuds? Denon has a good reputation for speakers and home theater components, but sound enthusiasts may not even realize the company makes earbuds. Even so, these new devices should support Denon’s reputation for offering good value with high-quality sound on mid-priced products.
Denon just introduced their first true wireless earbuds. Sadly, the company launched them a few days ago, so shoppers probably won’t find steep discounts on holiday sales for these two new models. Since the release occurred so recently, these earbuds also haven’t had a chance to gain as much attention. Enjoy a quick rundown of the new Denon true wireless earbuds.

Why Consider Buying Denon True Wireless Earbuds?

Even if they’re not on sale, should shoppers still consider these new Denon earbuds? TechRadar says many consumers expect this Japanese brand to provide earbuds that produce high-quality sound for competitive prices.
The company released two different models to suit the preferences of budgets of a broader market. Here’s what to expect:
  • The pricier earbuds cost $159 and feature active noise cancellation.
  • The cheaper pair does not come with active noise cancellation and will cost $99.
  • The box for both choices includes a charging case. The charging case for the earbuds with active noise cancellation sports a glossy finish, and the other pair comes with a matte finish on its case.
Denon says either model uses large-diameter, dynamic drivers for broadcasting exceptionally lifelike sound reproduction. The brand has already earned a reputation for high-quality sound, so fans of Denon expect a good experience. As an extra incentive to opt for the pricier active noise cancelling earbuds, they also feature bigger drivers than the model without this feature.

Why Purchase an Extended Warranty for Denon Earbuds?

Consumer Reports observed that many people discard earbuds after they suffer from damage or stop working because of wear or defects. The magazine agreed that cheap earbuds from a convenience or discount store might not prove worth fixing.
On the other hand, they encourage owners of high-quality earbuds to pursue repairs. Some repairs may cost as little as $30, though other issues might generate repair bills as high as the earbud’s original price. Getting earbuds repaired instead of replaced reduces waste, something many people care about these days. Before giving up on a worn or broken set of earbuds, the owners should at least determine how much repair services will charge for parts and labor.
Earbuds do come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. These warranties exclude everything but defects, so they won’t cover an accidental drop, spill, or a part that breaks due to wear. Initial warranties from manufacturers also generally don’t last very long.
An affordable extended warranty connects consumers with qualified repair shops and covers the cost of every approved claim. Not only do these protection plans last longer than limited warranties, but they also extend coverage to more types of damage.

Upsie Extended Warranties for Earbuds

An Upsie extended warranty for earbuds offers an affordable way to limit repair bills. Upsie sells their protection plans directly to customers to pass savings on commissions directly to their customers.
Lower prices does not mean Upsie customers should have low expectations. This warranty company offers its customers 24-7 claims service, the choice of local or mail-in repairs, and robust protection against accidents, wear, or defects that the limited warranty doesn’t cover. Denon offers high-quality sound products for reasonable prices, and Upsie markets comprehensive protection plans for less than their competition.

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