Nothing Ear (1) Versus Galaxy Buds Pro: Which Are Best?

Nothing is a new company (yes, really — the company’s actual name is Nothing) from Carl Pei, one of the co-founders of OnePlus who has the vision to reinvent consumer tech to be less boring and more affordable. The company’s first product is about to launch, called the Nothing Ear (1).
The Nothing Ear (1) has features you won’t usually find at its price, competing with products like the Galaxy Buds Pro and AirPods Pro.
In this comparison review, you’ll learn where Nothing Ear (1) and Galaxy Buds Pro are similar, where they’re different, and which device has the advantage in important areas. You’ll also gain a better sense of which product is right for you.


The design of the Nothing Ear (1) is similar in shape to AirPods Pro. There’s a small earpiece with a silicone tip, plus a stem that descends from the ear. However, Nothing Ear (1) is more industrial-looking, with a unique clear casing that lets you see the internals.
Galaxy Buds Pro, on the other hand, takes the chunkier, stemless approach. Attached to the silicone tip is a disc-like protrusion designed to sit in the larger opening of the ear.
There are pros and cons to both approaches. The chunkier approach allows for more room for audio hardware (not to mention battery), but the Galaxy Buds Pro is heavier as a result. They also don’t fit well in everyone’s ears. If the chunky part doesn’t sit well for you, the device is nearly unwearable.
On the other hand, the slimmer approach of the Nothing Ear (1) is lighter and easier to wear. Yet, the stems can be visually distracting, and the smaller housing can harm overall audio quality.


The features of both buds are quite similar. Both sets highlight these higher-end features:
  • Wireless charging cases
  • Water resistance
  • In-ear detection
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency mode
  • Fast pairing (on supported Android devices)
  • Dedicated app for EQ and more
  • Customizable touch controls
Now, not every one of these features works equally well on both sets. And the weaknesses tend to be with the Nothing Ear (1). Its fast pairing is a bit buggy at launch, and it features only IPX4 water resistance. Samsung’s option is IPX7.


Nothing Ear (1) sells for $99, which is impressively low. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro lists for twice the price at $199, though Samsung often discounts them to $169.
On price alone, Nothing Ear (1) has the edge — but not by all that much. So, the question to ask is whether saving a few bucks is worth the trade-offs, which are already stacking up.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is a crucial metric for any pair of earbuds. While the Nothing Ear (1) is getting pretty solid reviews in terms of listening quality, it’s not blowing anyone away. For the price, that’s to be expected.
On the other hand, the Galaxy Buds Pro produces an impressive listening experience — even beating out audio quality on AirPods Pro by CNET’s standards. That bigger headphone body has allowed for dual drivers in each earbud. Single-driver headphones will have a hard time keeping up.
Active noise cancellation is another aspect of audio quality. Again, both headsets do an OK job here, but neither quite measure up to what AirPods Pro can accomplish.

Battery Life

Battery life for Nothing Ear (1) is OK, lasting 4 hours on one charge with ANC. Turn off ANC, and you’ll get closer to 5.7 hours.
Samsung’s bigger earbuds seem like they could support a bigger battery. Maybe they do, but listening time isn’t much better at just 4.5 hours.
Both buds come in wireless charging cases with their own batteries, which can charge their buds back up multiple times. Samsung’s case provides another 18 hours of listening, while Nothing’s gives as many as 34 hours.

Which One Should You Get?

So, after learning the main differences and similarities between Nothing Ear (1) and Galaxy Buds Pro, which one should you get?
Both sets are quality products well optimized for Android phones (and sufficiently functional with other Bluetooth devices, including Apple products). Finally, both offer advanced features like ANC and in-ear detection. Both sit at reasonable price points (at least if you shop around for your Galaxy Buds Pro).
The main differences come down to style/fit, sound quality, and battery life. If you have small ears and prefer more battery life, Nothing Ear (1) is the best choice. On the other hand, Galaxy Buds Pro will serve you well if you prioritize sound quality more and aren’t concerned about fit issues.

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