The Razer Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Gamers looking for a flexible and affordable gaming headset should consider the virtues of the Razer Barracuda X. This wireless headset also includes a USB-C adapter to simplify wireless connections to many devices, plus it delivers clear sound through the headset and microphone.

Details of the Razer Barracuda X Wireless Gaming Headset

According to PC Magazine, Razer originally listed the Barracuda X for $99.99. Today, consumers can often find it retailing for about $20 less, offering an even better bargain. The USB-C transmitter makes it easy to connect to various gaming devices, including Android phones, PCs, Nintendo Switches, and Playstations.
This headset earned an Editor’s Choice badge from PC Magazine for its combination of features, accessories, and modest price. For instance:
  • The headset delivers quality sound, and the microphone enables clear two-way communication.
  • Gamers should find the headset comfortable and lightweight, even during long sessions.
  • Besides the microphone and USB transmitter, the box also includes a 3.5 mm cable for wired use and a charging cable.
  • Users can also connect to devices without a USB-C port with the USB-A to USB-C cable.

Drawbacks to the Razer Barracuda X Headset

The Barracuda X isn’t an actual wireless headset. For instance, the headset doesn’t connect by Bluetooth, and it doesn’t work with an iPhone or Xbox without a cable. It also doesn’t feel as solidly made as some other Razer headsets. The extra cables and wires included in the box provide a benefit, but it would have been nice for Razer also to include a carrying case for the headset and its accessories.

Does the Razer Barracuda X Offer Good Value?

Tom’s Guide agrees with the assessment that this headset provides good value for a modest price. In particular, people who play on various platforms should enjoy the opportunity to connect to their computer, Android phone, and some gaming consoles. The reviewer disagreed with PC Magazine about the microphone by saying they had to fiddle with it a little to enjoy a clear sound.
For the price, most gamers should feel satisfied with the Razer Barracuda X, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find better options. They will probably cost more.

Gaming Headset Warranties That Offer the Best Value

Headsets can enhance the gaming experience by improving the sound quality and making the experience feel more immersive. Perhaps just as important, these headphones keep noisy gaming sessions from disturbing other people. Still, people who have relied on headsets in the past know they can suffer from various types of damage, from broken ports to frayed wires.
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  • Customers can choose between a two- or three-year plan.
  • Upsie makes accessing service as convenient as possible. For instance, they have live phone reps 24-7 to expedite claims. Upsie also lets their customers choose between postage-paid, mail-in repairs or local service.
  • Upsie doesn’t have tricky fine print to avoid covering damage. The protection plan covers problems caused by accidental drops, liquid damage, wear and more with just a $25 deductible.
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