12 Reasons a Chromebook May Be the Laptop for You

Chromebooks are everywhere. Google launched the whole concept of Chromebooks in 2011 when it announced a pilot experiment in which the company gave away some 10,000 Chromebooks known simply as “CR-48.” One of Google’s most important talking points explained that your files – any kind of file you might create – are all stored in “the cloud.” That meant even if your Chromebook were stolen, or destroyed, your files were safe because none of them were stored on the CR-48 hard drive. To illustrate how even the most extreme damage would not affect user files, the company put their Chromebook in a blender (watch video) and ground it to dust – then fired up another CR-48 to show the user files were intact. That strange and comical illustration clearly proved it’s impossible to lose your data.

What Is a Chromebook?

Following Google’s experiment, Samsung, Acer, HP, Lenovo, and many other PC makers began building Chromebooks. A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet that runs the Linux-based Chrome OS operating system rather than Windows. Instead of using programs installed on its hard drive, apps like Google’s Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms live in the cloud and allow users to create documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint-like presentations, and more.

Why a Chromebook Is a Wise Choice

1. Google’s Coreboot technology boots Chromebooks from OFF to fully operational in about 10 seconds. No more waiting around for two or three minutes while Windows goes through its lengthy cold boot process.
2. Chromebook makers don’t burden their systems with bloatware and freeware as do Windows laptop makers. No longer will you have to spend hours uninstalling questionable games, useless toolbars, and other unwanted software.
3. Chromebooks update their operating system without any user intervention; the process is fully automatic. You can be busily working away on a Chromebook without even knowing it’s updating itself. Unlike laptops running Windows, there’s no long wait for Chrome OS updates to take place. There’s also no need to worry about an update creating new problems, as has often been the case with Windows updates.
4. Chromebooks are nearly impervious to hackers, viruses, and malware. That’s because Google designed Chrome OS to be secure and to heal itself automatically if damaged. There’s no need for anti-virus software because Chrome OS doesn’t allow viruses to run. You can say goodbye to viruses, ransomware, and malware. In addition, user files are stored in the cloud where malware can’t access them.
5. You can browse safely with a Chromebook. For instance, incognito mode blocks websites from running plugins or apps. Your browsing history is safe, too, because when you log out, Chrome OS erases your browsing history.
6. Chromebook models from major vendors are available at $200 or less, far below the price point for Windows or Apple laptops. Note though that as the Chromebook market has matured, manufacturers have ramped up the feature set on high-end models with generous memory and storage options, touch screens, extra long-life batteries, and other features for power users. Such Chromebooks sell for $1,000 or more.
7. Chromebooks give you access to free software, eliminating the need to buy productivity apps like Microsoft Office. With Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Google Docs, and others, many users find the Chromebook ecosystem provides all the software one needs for day to day work.
8. Further, many Chromebooks made after 2016 can also run Android apps, while the Google Play store offers apps for Chromebooks as well. While storing apps on a Chromebook seems to ignore the basic concept of working in the cloud, local apps can very likely give you all the functionality you need, whether you’re looking for games, graphic editors, music and video players, or something else.
9. Battery power tends to last longer on Chromebooks than Windows laptops due to their comparatively simpler design.
10. When Chromebooks came to market, they got an undeserved reputation for being worthless when you have no Internet access. Today, with nearly a decade of advancements, Chromebooks can work offline almost as if you’re using a Windows laptop, as outlined here.
11. Chromebooks are lightweight compared to Windows laptops, which makes travel with a Chromebook easy. They weigh less than their Windows counterparts and have a low profile that slips easily into a backpack or briefcase.
12. Chromebooks make a perfect choice for children because they’re so easy to operate. In fact, many K-12 school systems provide Chromebooks to each student. Teachers find them easy to manage. For example, a teacher can monitor each student and control their access to various online resources; she can push apps and lessons to dozens of devices and can create user groups that each have different levels of permission.

What About Repairs?

Google recognizes 35 Chromebook manufacturers. Each of them offers warranty coverage that provides free repairs for defects in materials or workmanship. However, their warranties don’t cover accidental damage. Upsie, on the other hand, is the leading provider of extended warranties that include accident protection for around as little as $2 per month. Upsie covers drops that cause cracks and broken hardware, liquid damage caused by spills or even total immersion, screen failure including dead pixels, screen burn-in, and other display problems including cracked screens resulting from accidents.
You’ll find details at the Upsie laptop warranty page that describes these coverages and many more. You’ll find your choice of either 2- or 3-year plans, and you can buy Upsie coverage up to 60 days after buying your Chromebook. Even more good news: Upsie extended warranties are available for both new and used Chromebooks.
Chromebooks offer ease of use, protection against malware and hackers, low prices, and more than a dozen features you won’t find in Windows laptops. If you’re not sure which Chromebook to buy, check out our best Chromebooks for 2020 article for detailed information on several leading brands. Then, give us a call at 1-877-844-7745 to get started protecting your Chromebook.

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