15 Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Worth Trying

The keyboard has long been a central component of the digital experience, even as smartphones take over. Often, however, this key tool is overlooked by those who merely use it to type emails or social media updates. In reality, however, the simple keyboard can accomplish so much more.
From instantly locking the screen to launching various apps, there’s a lot that can be done with just the press of a few buttons. To illustrate the value of today’s keyboards, we’ve highlighted a few of the many useful Windows keyboard shortcuts currently available:

Cool Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows key + G: Launch Game Bar app
Microsoft’s Game Bar app is great for streamers and PC gamers looking for more information on how their rig is running. This shortcut allows them to access information quickly without having to pull themselves out of their games.
Windows key + Shift + Left or Right arrow key: Move apps and windows to different monitors
Another useful feature for gamers, this shortcut makes it possible to move active windows to and from various dual monitors.
Windows key + Shift + S: Grab a specific part of a screenshot
Grabbing screenshots is easy when taking advantage of this shortcut. Don’t waste time with the Print Screen key and Paint; simply use Windows key + Shift + S to select whichever part of the screen is worthy of a screenshot. Drag the mouse and highlight the portion of the screen. From there, a copy will be placed on the clipboard.
Windows key + V: Open Clipboard
Once a desired screenshot has been saved, open the Clipboard and use it by hitting Windows key + V. The Windows 10 clipboard can save multiple copies of highlighted text and images.
Windows key + L: Instantly lock computer
While it may not be the most discreet way to hide what’s going on, this shortcut works like a charm. When in doubt, it’s a great method for keeping nosy co-workers or small, curious children from typing away at the keyboard and disrupting work.
Windows key + D: Show or hide desktop
Use this method to show or hide the desktop, instead of locking the computer altogether.

Take Back Ctrl with These Shortcuts

Ctrl + L: Snap to address bar
This is a nice shortcut for those looking to maximize productivity while completing important research.
Ctrl + F: Start a search
This represents yet another useful option for finding essential information in a flash. This shortcut will bring up the Search box in the browser currently being used.
Ctrl + E: Complete a web search
When basic information is required via a search engine, this option eliminates the extra step of visiting the preferred site in the browser. Instead, simply hit Ctrl + E, type the query, and hit Enter. The rest is up to Google, Bing, or whatever default search engine is being used by the browser.
Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new folder on desktop
Why right-click when there’s a handy shortcut to be used? Neglect that mouse a little longer by hitting the above shortcut to make a new folder on the desktop.

Simple Ways to Improve Efficiency

Some windows keyboard shortcuts are common knowledge to most computer users. For those just getting started with computers, or the technologically illiterate, these shortcuts are beloved by efficient computer users.
Ctrl + Alt + Delete: Reboot computer, open Task Manager and more
Veterans Windows users have no doubt needed to use this common shortcut from time to time. Not only can this open the Task Manager, allowing users to close frozen programs, but it also doubles as the power button.
Ctrl + A: Select all content
When long passages need to be selected and pasted elsewhere, this shortcut should do the trick. Simply use Ctrl + A to select all the content and copy it into a new location.
Shift + Delete: Permanently delete a file
To get rid of unwanted files, highlight them and hit Shift + Delete. This approach completely skips the process of emptying out the Recycle Bin.
Alt + Tab: Switch between apps
This is another useful shortcut for gamers or those needing to bounce around different programs.
Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V: Copy and Paste
As crazy as it sounds to veteran computer nerds, some keyboard users have never made use of these shortcuts. Ctrl + C will copy the highlighted text or items, while Ctrl + V will paste them from the clipboard.

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