How to Choose a Future proof Windows 11 Laptop in 2021

Some people may find it hard to believe that Microsoft first released Windows 10 over six years ago. Since then, over one billion installations have made Windows 10 the most common PC operating system globally. Still, Windows 10 will probably lose its top ranking to a successor within a few years.
Microsoft recently announced that they would start releasing Windows 11 very soon. Consumers who want to purchase a PC in the next few months should future proof their decision by ensuring the new computer can support Windows 11 and its most important features.

When Can Users Download Windows 11?

According to USA Today, Microsoft will start rolling Windows 11 out as a free upgrade towards the end of 2021 and continue through 2022. By later this year, new Microsoft computers should already have the upgrade installed before they’re purchased. Of course, users can download the upgrade for older PCs that can support it.

Which Computers Will Support the Update?

Surprisingly, some people and even businesses still run PCs with older operating systems than Windows 10, so it will likely take time before Windows 11 catches up to Windows 10 in popularity. Moreover, just as some older computers can’t support Windows 10, not all devices can run Windows 11.
Microsoft released an app called PC Health Check to help users determine if their own PC could support the upgrade. However, they’ve already withdrawn it because users found the results confusing.
According to PC World, a computer will need these minimum specs to run well with Windows 11:
  • 4GB of memory and 64GB of storage
  • 1GHz, dual-core CPU
  • Trusted Platform Module, or TPM
So far, Microsoft has suggested that processors over and including Intel 8th Gen, AMD Zen 2, and Qualcomm 7 or 8 Series should deliver satisfactory performance. They also mentioned that they might add more processors to their list of suggested hardware for Windows 11 as they keep testing.
Most recent PCs should meet the minimum requirements, but the specs might exclude some computers produced as recently as 2018. Some people keep their PCs running for as long as five to eight years or even longer. Even though Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 8 in 2016, some computers still run it.
PC owners don’t need to rush the upgrade. According to reports, Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until 2025, or about 10 years after its first release. That should give most PC owners a chance to upgrade their hardware.

What’s the Best Windows 11 Laptop or PC?

As with other choices for new devices, the best Windows 11 laptop or PC for any individual may depend upon planned uses and personal preferences. As highlighted in an earlier post about choosing the best laptop, important considerations for choosing a PC also include screen size, battery life, price, and performance.
Anybody in the market for a new computer could wait until Microsoft and other manufacturers start shipping PCs with Windows 11 already loaded. Otherwise, it’s likely that a Windows PC that’s less than a couple of years old should perform well enough with the new operating system.
Still, Microsoft also mentioned that only PCs with better configurations could run certain features. As one obvious example, only computers with 5G modems can support 5G features. For another example, Auto HDR needs an HDR monitor to run. To stay updated and see more specs, refer to Microsoft’s Windows 11 specification page.

What’s the Best Protection Plan for the Update?

People in the market for a new PC or a Windows 11 laptop should take the time to ensure they can future proof their purchase by selecting a device that can run Windows 11. Not only will they have access to new features, but the computer will retain its value better for the growing resale market in the future.
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