Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the Best Windows 2-in-1 Computer

Just after Microsoft released the Surface Pro 7, CNET rated it as the best Windows two-in-one choice for overall features. Windows users who want to buy both a tablet and a laptop should take a close look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

Is the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Both a Laptop and a Tablet?

People who already have an earlier version of this computer may not find an urgent reason to upgrade. Those who need a new computer and, like a top Windows two-in-one, probably should include the Surface Pro 7 in their comparisons.
Here’s a warning for those who might expect to have two-in-one functionality right out of the box. The Surface Pro 7 only functions as a tablet. Microsoft doesn’t include either a keyboard or even a stylus in the base package. Budgeting for the same kind of device pictured in almost every TV commercial requires buying those accessories separately. Some retailers offer bundles which allow customers to save on the entire deal.

How Much Will a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Cost?

Figuring out how much the Surface Pro 7 will actually cost can present a bit of a challenge. That’s because Microsoft sells the tablet and accessories separately and offers several different model options. Look at some examples of both the tablet and popular accessories to clear up any possible confusion:
  • Surface Pro 7: Even though retailers might sell the base model for about $799, it only comes with a Core m3 processor. CNET suggests upgrading to at least the i5 processor and 8GB or RAM for $899. Microsoft also offers an i7 processor for the best performance.
  • Stylus: The Surface Pen costs $99. CNET has tested this stylus with various artists, and they were pleased with its performance.
  • Keyboard: Called the Surface Pro Type Cover, the keyboard retails for about $159. CNET also praised the keyboard as one of the best of its kind.
In order to have a two-in-one, customers would need to buy the keyboard. While the tablet works without a stylus, it’s a commonly expected accessory. This means the entire package will probably cost well over $1,100 and not the $800 or $900 that unwary consumers may use as an initial comparison. As an example of bundle pricing, Microsoft offers its CORE i7 processor with a Surface Pen and Type Cover for about $1,400.

What Are Important Features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7?

This list explains some of the most popular features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7:
  • Ports: The tablet includes a USB-C and a USB-A port for added compatibility with other devices and chargers.
  • Battery life: Microsoft says to expect about 12.5 hours of video on a charge over WiFi and 13.5 hours over LTE.
  • Processors: Microsoft offers a choice of its CORE m5, i5, or i7 processors.
  • Memory options: Microsoft offers 4GB, 8GB, and 6GB options.
Also, users who want an even more mobile experience can opt for LTE. This allows connections via mobile networks, just like cell phones. Otherwise, the base tablet can connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. In any case, these features compare favorably with the best two-in-one computers.

How to Protect a Microsoft Surface Pro 7?

The Surface Pro 7 comes with a one-year limited warranty for the hardware. In other words, Microsoft offers this kind of warranty to assure customers that they will buy a defect-free and undamaged product.
Buying a Surface 7 requires a substantial investment, even compared to similar products from other manufacturers. Prudent customers will want to consider buying an extended warranty from Upsie for protection against more kinds of incidents and for a longer time.
Consider the benefits of Upsie protection plans:
  • This third-party warranty company offers Surface Pro 7 extended warranties for either two or three years. Coverage begins 31 days after purchase.
  • Customers can purchase a protection plan up to 60 days after buying a new computer.
  • The plan covers such common accidents and other incidents as spills and drops, plus power, screen, and part failures.
Even more, Upsie customers can simply call a toll-free number to begin the process. Repair choices may include local certified facilities or mail-in service. If repairs don’t make sense, Upsie will even provide a replacement.
Besides the Surface Pro 7, Upsie also provides affordable, high-quality protection for other brands of laptops, tablets, and two-in-one computers, like Apple, Dell, and HP. Simply visit the laptop warranty page, click the brand, and view the simple details and pricing.

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