A Brief Review of the 2022 Alienware M17 R5 Ryzen Edition

According to PCWorld, the unique quality of the new Alienware M17 R5 Ryzen might lie inside the case. Unlike many comparable gaming laptops, the base model leaves out Intel and Nvidia components. Instead, it focuses entirely upon AMD processors. With that said, Nvidia fans will have the option to substitute that company’s GPU.

Why Consider Opting for the All-AMD Configuration?

Many gamers consider Nvidia GPUs a gold standard, but they might take a second look at some benefits of taking the all-AMD GPU and CPU option. AMD’s new SmartShift Max feature will offer an incentive to accept the all-AMD option.
SmartShift Max optimizes power shifting between the CPU and the GPU to maximize performance. This feature can boost the performance of games with intense graphics and those with more processing needs because it makes the CPU and GPU better able to cooperate and share power. This configuration also offers SmartAccess Memory and SmartAccess Graphics. Tom’s Guide declared this combination of features a first for a gaming laptop.

What to Expect from the Alienware M17 R5 Ryzen Edition

Expect this machine to retail at a base price of $1,599, with plenty of opportunities for upgrades. The device offers a stylish, futuristic design, a backlit, mechanical keyboard, and a generous, 17.3-inch FHD monitor.
Real-world testers have not had a chance to review the battery life. Still, a couple of features offer reasons for optimism. These include:
  • The base model offers a 64 Whr lithium-ion battery. Optional configurations with up to a 97 Whr lithium-ion battery.
  • Users can choose from five power states. These include Performance, Full Speed, Performance, Balanced, Battery-Save, and Quiet modes.

Is the Alienware M17 R5 Ryzen Edition a Good Gaming Computer for 2022?

The base $1,599 price tag makes this new Alienware gaming laptop a powerful choice for a mid-priced gaming computer. Of course, experienced gamers will probably find it easy to run up the cost by choosing premium components and configurations. Otherwise, Alienware offers high resolution, powerful graphics and processing, and plenty of solid features.
AMD promised long battery life. In particular, many new gaming laptops in 2022 disappointed consumers with this score. If this computer can live up to that promise, it will probably enjoy plenty of success with buyers who want to enjoy a genuinely mobile gaming experience.

Best Extended Warranties for Alienware Gaming Laptops

Gamers might struggle with the decision to spend well over a thousand dollars on a gaming laptop. Most people who purchase these gaming laptops want to enjoy the best possible gaming experience.
Still, they also buy with a sensible plan to use the computer for various tasks, from taking online classes to running a business. At the same time, these high-performance machines can also serve their owners by running other types of apps for business, entertainment, or communication.
An Upsie gaming computer warranty will help ensure buyers that they can enjoy the best performance from their machines for years. That assurance can make it much easier to decide to invest in a high-quality machine. This protection plan will prevent unexpected repair bills. In addition, it will also ensure access to certified technicians, either locally or through Upsie’s mail-in program.
These days, gamers have plenty of great options for mid-priced gaming laptops, and Upsie can keep these machines protected. Upsie’s protection includes repairs needed because of accidents, premature wear, or defects that the initial warranty doesn’t cover. Better yet, Upsie’s business model means that their warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere.

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