Where to Find the Best Microsoft Surface Extended Warranty

Ever since Microsoft announced its Surface computer in 2012, the company has continued to innovate and add new models to the product line. Today, Microsoft offers nine versions of the Surface.
  • Surface Laptop Go. The lightest Surface Laptop, featuring a 12.4” touchscreen. Starting at $549.99
  • Surface Pro X. Edge to edge 2-in-1 laptop with LTE and 13” touchscreen. Starting at $799.99
  • Surface Book 3 13.5”. Most powerful Surface laptop in 13.5.” Starting at $1,299.99
  • Surface Book 3 15”. Most powerful Surface laptop in 15”. Starting at $2,299.99
  • Surface Go 2. Smallest, lightest Surface now in 10.5” touchscreen. Starting at $399.99
  • Surface Laptop 3 13.5”. Slim and stylish 13.5” touchscreen, Starting at $899.99
  • Surface Pro 7. 12.3” Touchscreen with tablet-to-laptop versatility. Starting at $749.99
  • Surface Studio 2. Brilliant color, blazing graphics and 28” touchscreen. Starting at $3,499.99
Let’s take a look at the different form factors:

Surface Studio 2

You can buy the Surface in several form factors. The top-of-the-line Surface Studio 2 is a desktop machine, which Microsoft calls “The ultimate creative studio.” Designed for anyone who creates visual art, the screen folds down to nearly tabletop-flat, allowing artists to draw and create with a stylus on the high-res touchscreen.

Surface Book 3

Both the Surface Book 3 with a 13.5-inch screen and its bigger 15-inch cousin allow you to detach the screen and use the system as a tablet.

Traditional Laptop Form Factor

The Surface Pro X, Surface Go 2, and Surface Pro 7 are all built with a kickstand, while the Surface Laptop Go and Surface Book 3 models are built as traditional laptops.

The “Microsoft Complete” Extended Warranty Program

The company provides a one-year warranty and 90 days of free tech support for Surface computers. For those who want to protect their hefty investment more thoroughly, they sell a Microsoft Surface extended warranty called Microsoft Complete.
This plan covers Surface machines for two years and covers cracked screens, accidental damage caused by drops, and liquid spills but not full immersion. However, the plan costs $149 for two years of coverage and each repair carries a $49 deductible you must pay.
The plan covers the Surface machine, its power supply unit, and attaching cords. But it expressly excludes the digital pen, keyboard, mouse, and any other accessories or add-on items regardless of whether such were originally supplied by Microsoft within a single, all-in-one packaged purchase.
Besides that limitation, Microsoft also limits the services you can get on your Surface machine to just three repairs, after which coverage ends regardless of any time remaining still under the contract. If you’re plagued with repeated problems, you could find yourself having spent $149 for the plan plus three deductibles of $49 – nearly $300 – and still be left with an expensive machine that no longer works. The plan also calls for replacing your Surface machine if it cannot be repaired, and Microsoft limits this to no more than two replacements.

Upsie Does Things Differently

Upsie.com sells extended warranties for scores of product categories from lawnmowers and appliances to earbuds, computers, and home entertainment. Visit the Laptops and PC page and you’ll find further details specifically for Microsoft Surface systems.
Using Upsie, you can choose a Microsoft Surface extended warranty that protects your system for two or three years. It covers defects in materials and workmanship and much more:
  • Screen cracks and defects
  • Drops that damage the device
  • Spills and immersion in liquids
  • Failure of Wi-Fi, RAM, internal components, and motherboard
  • File your claims anytime – 24 x 7 x 365
  • Upsie plans cover both new and used laptops
  • You can buy your Upsie plan anytime within 60 days of purchasing your Surface system.
When you purchase your system, Microsoft, the big box store you buy from, or another retailer will try to sell you an extended warranty. Unlike those offers, Upsie’s extended warranty can save you up to 70% on contracts that protect your electronics by cutting out the middleman. Get started by calling Upsie between 9 AM and 4 PM Central time at 877-844-7745

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