Why Business Users Should Consider the Dell Latitude 9420

In the market for a high-end business laptop? You may want to wait until Dell releases its new Latitude 9420 in the spring. From more processing power to better speaker design, Dell optimized this machine for the modern business person.

Why Consider the Dell Latitude 9420 for Business?

Some business users prefer the traditional clamshell case for a laptop; however, others love the versatility of a 2-1 that can convert into a tablet. The Latitude 9420 won’t force their users to choose a side because Dell offers this laptop with either style.
Dell also saw that their customers conducted a lot more work remotely, so they optimized this device for online meetings. For instance:
  • PC Magazine noted that the laptop comes with two speakers above the screen and two speakers below the screen. This provides a surround-sound effect that’s as useful for Zoom calls as it could be for streaming.
  • The Latitude 9420 also comes with a set of four noise-canceling microphones. This helps assure users they can not only receive but also send out the best-quality sound.
  • Finally, the PC comes with a “Safe Shutter” system that allows the shutter to open for use and automatically close afterwards. A button also lets users shut off the camera to ensure privacy.
Some additional highlights of the Dell Latitude 9420 include an optional 5G modem for truly portable use and 11th-Generation Intel processing power. Expect retail prices for the PC to begin at about $1,949. According to CNET, this computer should hit retail and online outlets in March 2021.

How to Find a Good, Budget-Friendly Warranty for Dell Laptops

Lots of people will decide to invest in a powerful, flexible business laptop, like the Dell Latitude 9420. Prudent business users will also want to mitigate risks by adding extended warranty coverage to their purchase. Of course, they will probably get offered an extended warranty when they make a purchase. However, taking the retailer up on that offer is not the best business decision.
Upsie provides a budget-friendly Dell laptop warranty that doesn’t sacrifice comprehensive protection or service. They sell directly, so they don’t need to inflate prices to pay commissions to retailers. Instead, people who buy a new or used laptop have up to 60 days to purchase an Upsie warranty and register their new device.
Upsie offers unmatched benefits such as:
  • Upsie customers can call a live representative 24-7 to file claims, or they can also choose to file online.
  • Upsie offers customers with repair claims a choice of getting a prepaid mailer or finding a local, certified repair shop.
  • Upsie provides repairs or replacements with just a $25 deductible and no hidden service fees.
  • Comprehensive coverage for laptops includes protection against spills, defects, cracked screens, and for power, connectivity, mechanical, and internal components.

How to Get an Upsie Extended Warranty for a Dell Laptop

Upsie makes it simple to get repairs and to buy a protection plan:
  • Simply start by visiting the Dell laptop extended warranty page.
  • Answer four quick questions on the form to make sure the screen displays the correct information.
  • Browse the clear coverage details and pricing and then choose between a two- or three-year plan.
  • Buy the warranty, and then upload an image of the sales receipt to register the device.
After completing these steps, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind people have when they purchase the best laptop for their needs and the best protection plan to keep it in good shape. Besides Dell Latitude computers, Upsie also protects other brands and even other types of electronics and appliances.

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