5 Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Laptop

Laptops are among the most expensive pieces of tech that many of us own. Prices range from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. As such, they’re typically a sizable investment. Very often, they’re also crucial to our work and studies.
Properly cared for, any laptop should last for several years at least. One of the best ways to ensure longevity is with an extended warranty. Extended warranties help to safeguard against all manner of eventualities. They’re also great for peace of mind, especially if you rely on your laptop for your occupation or schoolwork.
Upsie offers a range of extended warranty packages for customers’ laptops. Coverage with Upsie also features protection against accidental damage, including drops, spills, and cracked screens.
Still, there comes a point in every laptop’s life when it needs to be replaced. With that in mind, here are five signs that it’s time to replace your laptop.

Major Overheating Issues

Is your laptop becoming almost too hot to handle? Many laptops are heavily reliant on their onboard cooling. As they age, overheating can become a significant problem. Particularly after several years, heat stress on important components may prove terminal.
A degree of heat-related strain is largely seen as a part of normal laptop wear and tear. Unfortunately, efforts to remedy this can be prohibitively expensive. As issues with heat worsen, all of a laptop’s various components may begin to suffer. At this point, it’s probably a good idea to start looking for a replacement.

Outdated Hardware Hassles

Like anything in life, computer hardware eventually becomes outdated. Outdated hardware is rarely critical in itself, of course. However, it can become the final nail in an older laptop’s coffin for another reason: compatibility issues.
Eventually, dated hardware will cease to be supported by software makers and other manufacturers. At this point, you may find yourself unable to access your favorite tools and games. External devices might also stop working as wider compatibility issues begin to rear their heads. Worse still, crucial but unsupported operating system updates can ultimately render a laptop completely useless.
Upgrading hardware on older laptops usually isn’t cost-effective. If compatibility issues have already started to bite, it’s advisable to commence shopping around for deals on a new one.

Security Woes Keeping You Awake at Night

Much like problems with outdated hardware, all older laptops will eventually encounter security issues. Security can quickly become a worry as relevant updates to your chosen antivirus program cease. At the same time, an older laptop likely won’t be able to run newer versions. By that token, you’re left dangerously unprotected.
With security now more important than ever, especially online, a new laptop may be in order. What’s more, many newer devices boast the added benefit of things like fingerprint and face recognition. If your old laptop lacks such features, that’s another good reason to consider an upgrade.

Falling Behind the Times

Not every sign that your laptop needs replacing is so black and white. For example, laptop screens have come on leaps and bounds recently. Newer displays, such as Alienware’s OLED UHD screen with 100 percent DCI-P3 color gamut and eye-tracking technology, can make all the difference to your laptop ownership experience.
Whether used for gaming, work, or simply browsing the web, differences like these shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s also increasingly easy to fall behind the times without realizing it. You’re potentially losing out in online games to those with more capable devices, both display-wise and in other areas. In a professional capacity, persevering with previous-generation technology may even be detrimental to the quality of your work.

Craving New Tech

Carrying on from the above, maybe you’re just craving something fresh? Sometimes, a new laptop is in order for no particular reason. There’s little harm in occasionally shelling out on a new piece of tech that you’ve been admiring. What’s more, periodically replacing your laptop can spare many of the aforementioned headaches.
With your existing laptop still in good working order, it’s also valuable as a trade-in. Kept in great shape, you could receive more than $1,000 in credit by trading in your old laptop. Apple Trade In, for example, is currently offering up to $1,530 for customers’ old MacBook Pros.

Ready to Upgrade?

Whatever the reason to replace your laptop, don’t forget to invest in some extra protection. An extended warranty and insurance against accidental damage is a great place to start.
With comprehensive coverage from Upsie, you’re protected against much of what life has to throw at any piece of tech. Protection includes coverage against drops that crack the screen or damage hardware. Liquid spills and submersion are also covered.
Furthermore, Upsie provides additional safeguards against various mechanical, RAM, screen, audio, battery, power, and other failures. Upsie will even replace your laptop if the cost of repair isn’t feasible. 24/7 unlimited claims up to the value of a device are permitted, and customers can reach Upsie online, by telephone, and even on social media.
Best of all, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70% less than warranties sold elsewhere. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Upsie’s range of laptop computer warranty packages now to find out more.

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