Asus Laptops: ROG Zephyrus DUO 15 Vs. ROG Flow X13

Most people associate gaming computers with powerful desktops. Still, lots of gamers want portable devices for travel, visits with gaming friends, or even just to provide the option to change rooms or spend time on the patio.
As always, expect to pay more or sacrifice some performance for portability. Still, any gamers with an interest in high-end gaming laptops should compare the Asus ROG Zephyrus DUO 15 and ROG Flow 13. Some unique features make it easy to like both of these products. On the other hand, some gamers may find it difficult to choose between them.

Compare Gaming Laptops: Asus ROG Zephyrus DUO 15 Vs. ROG Flow 13

Find out why CNET ranked both of these laptops high on their list of highly anticipated gaming laptops for 2021.

The ROG Flow 13

See the unique features that prompted CNET to list the Asus ROG Flow 13 first in its ranking of the most-anticipated new gaming laptops for 2021:
  • The laptop: In a way, the Asus ROG Flow 13 can offer gamers the best of both worlds. The laptop’s 13-inch screen and keyboard give gamers a very functional, lightweight, and thin device. The computer comes with a built-in GPU, CPU, and mobile power supply. All together, the laptop weighs less than three pounds.
  • The external GPU and power supply: Here’s the deal clincher. The laptop also comes with an external accessory called XG Mobile. This 2.2-pound device adds a Nvidia RTX 3080 mobile GPU and a 280-watt power supply to the mix.
While the creative pairing of the laptop and external accessory can deliver fantastic performance, it starts at about $2,800.

The ROG Zephyrus DUO 15

In contrast to the Flow 13, the Asus ROG Zephyrus DUO 15 doesn’t come with an external processor and power supply. It does come with a unique second screen that’s positioned right above the keyboard.
When the laptop opens up, the first screen sits in the usual place. The second screen angles up, so it looks more like an extension of the main screen than part of the keyboard. It’s a neat feature, and expect retail prices to start at about $2,900.

Which Asus Gaming Computer is Better?

Either way, gamers who want to invest in a high-end, portable gaming experience may have a tough time choosing between these two laptops. The ROG Flow 13’s external device can provide more performance, but the ROG Zephyrus DUO 15 offers a unique experience.

Should You Buy an Extended Warranty for your Asus ROG Gaming Laptop?

Depending upon the specific model, Asus may offer a 12-, 24-, or 36-month limited warranty on their laptops. The Asus laptop limited warranty includes coverage for defects in the laptop and any bundled accessories included in the price, like the external GPU with the Flow 13.
On the other hand, this manufacturer warranty specifically excludes quite a bit, including wear and accidents like drops and spills. After investing about $3,000 or even more on a gaming laptop, most gamers probably expect to use their purchase for years. An extended warranty will not only cover typical kinds of damage but also should provide more convenient repair options.

How Does Upsie Protect Asus ROG Gaming Laptops?

Look at just some benefits of Upsie warranties for Asus gaming laptops:
  • Not only will Upsie ensure defects get fixed, they will repair damage due to spills, drops, screen and keyboard problems, electrical shorts, keyboards, and failures of connectivity or internal parts.
  • After submitting a claim by phone or online, Upsie representatives will even help customers make the best choice between local or prepaid, mail-in repairs. When repairs aren’t feasible, Upsie offers replacements.
  • Even better, new Asus laptop buyers have up to 60 days to register a laptop with Upsie, so there’s no reason to rush into a last-minute warranty decision at checkout.
Besides offering Asus ROG laptop extended warranties, Upsie also provides extended warranties for other brands. Some examples include IBUYPOWER and Alienware gaming computers. For many customers, Upsie offers the most convenient and affordable warranty choice. In addition to gaming computers, Upsie also has protection plans for other electronics and appliances.

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