The Best Budget Friendly Extended Warranty for Dell Laptops

With nearly 37 years in the PC laptop and desktop market, Dell remains a strong force in the technology industry. The computer company continues searching for new ways to attract and satisfy customers in a competitive arena and does a good job at it. According to Statista, Dell consistently stays within the top three-to-five computer manufacturers in the U.S.
If you are on the hunt for a new laptop computer, Dell offers groundbreaking technology you can trust. Whether you are planning to buy a 2020 Dell XPS 13, a 2-in-1 model like the 2019 Dell XPS 13 or a budget model like the Dell Latitude 5400 Chromebook, Dell has something that will help you meet your goals for work or pleasure.
Regardless of which Dell laptop you choose, accidents and manufacturer’s defects happen. You should find the best extended warranty for Dell laptops to ensure continuous productivity and enjoyment of your new purchase. We recommend doing so at the same time you make your final purchase selection. After all, you want to buy a laptop that does allow you to protect it with robust insurance from a reliable warranty company like Upsie.

Buying an Extended Warranty to Protect Your New Dell Laptop Will Save You from Expensive Headaches

Warranties have become an essential part of the buying process in today’s tech-heavy world. Most of us don’t know how to begin to repair our own laptop or desktop computer, so we rely on experts. The knowledge and experience they have, which we don’t, naturally comes at a steep price. Paying for a repair technician’s invaluable services out-of-pocket could become prohibitively expensive for everyday electronics users, especially computer users on a budget.
A laptop extended warranty offers the best solution when you want to get the most use out of your computer. Whether something comes with a defect, breaks within the standard limited manufacturer’s warranty, or it breaks a few years after purchase, you need a plan that keeps you covered.

Does Dell Offer an Extended Warranty?

Dell has faith in its tried-and-true products, but its leaders also understand that production line defects and customer accidents happen. They don’t want customers stuck with a laptop that doesn’t work, leaving them with a bad impression of the tech giant. No matter how successful a company is, they don’t want word to get out that they won’t stand behind their products.
The problem is that Dell’s warranty plans are expensive and confusing for everyday customers who need a reliable laptop for work, school or leisure activities. Customers must choose from highly specialized plans that focus on one or two possible problems at most. The plans can cost from $199 to nearly $300! Therefore, customers need to take considerable time to try to assess their possible future repair and maintenance needs. It is unlikely that anyone, even experienced computer technicians, could predict such needs.

Do Big Box Stores Offer Extended Warranties for Laptops?

Big box stores always encourage customers to purchase one of their store’s extended warranties. In the history of consumer electronics stores, that is probably a universal truth. The bigger question is whether buying a retailer’s warranty is in your best interest. The answer might come as no surprise, but your interest is secondary to their profit if it is in your interest. Similar to how movie theaters make more in concessions than they make on ticket sales, retailers often count at least as much on extended warranties as sales for profits.
Take Best Buy’s Geek Squad warranties for a HP laptop priced at $619:
  • 1-year warranty for $144.99
  • 2-year warranty $204.99
  • 3-year warranty for $254.99
Some customers can only afford to invest in a quality laptop but cannot find a way to justify $325 for a possible spill or drop.

Upsie Saves the Day and Plenty of Your Money with Quality Extended Warranties at Reasonable Costs for Dell Laptops

Upsie offers extended warranties that protect your Dell laptop from drops, spills, accidents and various functional failures. And they do this without breaking your budget. Here is a cost breakdown of an Upsie extended warranty for a Dell computer at a similar price point as the Geek Squad example above. Upsie’s price range here covers Dell models that cost from $500.00 to $749.99:
  • 2-year warranty for $94.15, $25 deductible
  • 3-year warranty for $144.28, $25 deductible
The savings are substantial, and you can expect no-trouble coverage for new, used and refurbished machines for issues like:
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Screen cracks
  • Drops
  • Spills
Upsie offers an easy and convenient 24/7/365 claims service. Real people answer the phone and actually want to help resolve your issue as quickly and fully as possible.
Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn more about the value you will enjoy when purchasing a warranty that keeps you, your computing needs and your budget in mind!

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