Save Big with Dell Refurbished Laptops from the Outlet Store

According to, the average price for PCs and laptops has been fairly steady over the last five years at around $733. Laptops sales have remained just as steady. However, for anyone on a budget who’s shopping for a new laptop, it’s smart to learn about Dell’s “New and Refurbished” laptops because you can save a lot of money.
Dell established its “Dell Outlet” store to dispose of hardware that’s been sold previously. They divide pre-owned laptops into three categories:
  • New laptops are either factory-sealed or open-box products that have never been used by a customer and have the software seal intact. This product is typically an overstock or a returned order. New and unused products do not have any cosmetic damage.
  • Like New laptops are previously owned products that could have observable minor blemishes that do not affect performance or could look as good as new.
  • Scratch & Dent systems are certified refurbished products with blemishes that do not affect performance. Scratch and dent computers do not have scratches or pits on the screen, missing or illegible letters on the keyboard, or damage on the touchpad or palm rest.
Dell makes an important point that, when buying a used system, it’s best to buy it from the original manufacturer. You can get one off the clearance table at your local PC repair shop at your own risk. That’s because the laptop probably won’t come with any remaining warranty. At best, it may have a limited 90-day warranty. To most shoppers, no warranty or a 90-day warranty suggests the laptop may not last; that the seller has little confidence in the unit and just wants to get it off the shelf; and, that you’re about to take a big risk with your money.
Dell is quick to point out that it offers the same warranty on its Dell Outlet laptops as it does for brand new purchases. It’s a typical one-year warranty for most Dell products that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Unfortunately it fails to give protection against any form of damage caused by an accident.

Consider Your Alternatives

When you buy one of Dell’s used laptops, you can protect it with an Upsie extended service contract. Upsie gives you protection against all the issues Dell’s warranty covers plus much more…
  • You can protect your laptop with a 2- or 3-year extended contract.
  • Upsie’s plan covers both brand new, refurbished and used laptops.
  • You can buy coverage any time within 60 days of purchasing your laptop.
  • Your Upsie contract covers problems Dell does not. These include: cracked screens, screen burn-in, dead pixels, liquid damage from spills and submersion, battery failure, power failures, touch screen failure, camera, headphone jack, Wi-Fi, audio, Bluetooth…and the list goes on.
  • Repair options with Upsie include: Local repairs at a certified facility near you, ship it in for repair (Upsie provides the shipping container with free two-day shipping), replacing the laptop if repairs are not feasible.
  • You can file an unlimited number of claims up to the value of the laptop.
  • Get support from Upsie technicians and on Twitter and Facebook.

The Dell Outlet

You’ll find it at complete with offerings for nearly every product line Dell sells. The company divides its products into “For Home” and “For Work.” Prices show both the MSRP and Dell’s special Outlet pricing. A sample of “Certified Refurbished” laptop prices shows that discounts range from around 15% to 35% with the greater dollar discounts on more costly units such as the Alienware gaming laptops.

Get Started with Upsie Laptop Protection

If you decide to buy a Dell refurbished laptop warranty, make sure to get it from Upsie.
Questions? Call Upsie 9AM-4PM CST at 1-877-844-7745.

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