Is the Microsoft Surface Book a Good Laptop for College?

These days, students depend on their laptops for homework, online classes, communication, and recreation. With that in mind, is the Microsoft Surface Book a good college-level laptop? Well, Microsoft makes a lot of different kinds of devices, and even they promote the Surface Book as one of their best computers for college students.
The company also offers a student discount through the Microsoft Store. Qualified students and educators can have their laptop loaded with Microsoft 365 Education for free. Of course, families might shop around to see competitive pricing from other retailers too. It’s also prudent to compare the MacBook Air to other models and brands.

Why Should College Students Consider the Microsoft Surface?

Why suggest the Microsoft Surface Book as a good student laptop? Discounts and free software can help manage college budgets. At the same time, everybody wants to look a little deeper into the PC’s features before buying such an important device.
PC Mag suggested this computer for students because it’s a really versatile machine that can support many different kinds of classes and activities. Anybody from art to engineering students should find that this computer comes with the features that they require. For some examples:
  • The touchscreen supports drawing, and the high-speed processor can handle complex equations.
  • The device can also record, so students don’t have to miss a word of their lectures.
  • A USB-C port allows for quick charging and connections to other devices.
  • The device advertises a typical 12-hour battery life, so it can offer students the all-day mobility they need.
  • Microsoft says that the Surface Book can also serve as a pretty good gaming and streaming computer, so students can use it to relax and participate in online lessons too.

How Much Does a Microsoft Surface Book Cost?

As with other makes, Microsoft makes several versions of this laptop. As a positive, this allows students and their families to choose between different features and price ranges. Of course, it’s a good idea to shop around for deals and promotions both from Microsoft and other retail sites and stores. In other words, everybody won’t pay the same price for a Surface Book.
For some examples:
  • Some retailers offer a pretty good deal with 512 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM for just over $1,000.
  • The version with 1 TB of storage might retail for over $3,000.
  • With only a limited 4 GB of RAM, a Surface Book may sell new online for less than $600.
  • Students who value mobility but don’t need quite as much processing power might also take a look at the Surface GO as a somewhat cheaper alternative.

How to Protect a Microsoft Surface Book Laptop

Even more than many users, college students tend to move around a lot with their laptops. Carrying them in backpacks, setting them down in classrooms or cafeterias, and other typical activities can test the durability of almost any sensitive device. Dings and spills might damage delicate screens, keyboards, and other components. Typical manufacturer’s warranties won’t protect consumers against these kinds of accidents.
No matter which laptop is best for going back-to-school, college students and families should consider the benefits of buying an extended warranty. Lucky for them, Upsie offers affordable, reliable, and truly useful warranty services for all sorts of computers. Even better, laptop buyers can purchase a protection plan up to 60 days after they buy the computer.

How to Buy an Upsie Warranty for a Microsoft Surface Laptop

Laptop owners can buy the warranty online and choose between two and three years of protection. The warranty offers 24/7 customer service and a choice between local or postage-paid, mail-in certified repairs. To buy a Microsoft Surface Book extended warranty, simply fill in a few simple details online. Once a customer activates the warranty, they can rest assured it’s protected against drops, spills, screen and power failures, plus many other kinds of damages.

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