What Is the Best Price for a Laptop Extended Warranty?

The best price for an extended laptop warranty is one that makes the overall ownership of your computer less expensive. In short, you want the cost of your warranty plus any deductibles associated with it to cost less than the potential number of repairs the computer might need over the next few years.

Example Scenario to Understand Laptop Warranty Pricing

Here’s an example to help illustrate why a laptop warranty might be a good financial decision:
A $1,149 13” MacBook Pro can get 3 years of Upsie coverage for $258.99 with a $25 deductible per claim. Through AppleCare+ that same coverage would cost $249, with a $299 deductible for liquid damage claims. That’s a $277 savings with Upsie on just one single claim.

The Best Price for a Warranty Can Be About More Than Dollars

You don’t have to spend $200-$300 to replace a screen, hard drive, or motherboard at an unplanned time. When the repair is not within the budget, it might cause stress. With a warranty, you never have to wait until you have the extra cash to fix your computer, which can put you in a bind or cause you to lose your main source of communication or entertainment.
When you’re shopping for laptop warranties, make sure you consider more than the dollar amount you pay upfront. Look for extra services, such as covered shipping or the ability to have your laptop repaired at certified local shops. If you use your laptop for work the time it takes to get your computer fixed is money. The Federal Trade Commission advises people to consider how claims are handled when they purchase a service contract. This can make the expense worth it or create more hassle if you choose the wrong plan. For example, says the FTC, if you can only get your laptop repaired locally, what happens if it breaks when you travel?
With Upsie you can always visit a certified repair facility that’s local to you, including the Genius Bar for all covered Mac claims. Or ship your laptop in for repairs using a box and 2-day shipping label that’s provided at no extra cost.

Where Can You Get the Best Laptop Extended Warranty Price?

Upsie offers competitive laptop warranties for two or three years. Pricing depends on the cost of your original purchase. For example, a two-year plan on a new laptop costing between $200 and $299 runs you $61.99, whereas a two-year plan on a laptop costing $2,000 to $2,999 is around $256.99. In all cases, those prices are below the costs for plans from known providers such as AppleCare or SquareTrade, especially when you consider Upsie’s lower deductible.

Does Upsie offer warranties for Used Laptops?

Yes, Upsie offers warranties for used or refurbished laptops purchased within the last 60-days. In addition, all laptops must come with at least a 30-day seller’s warranty or a manufacturer warranty. The coverage for used laptop plans is the same great coverage as you get with new laptop plans.
No matter what type of laptop you insure or what the original cost is, all Upsie deductibles are $25. This makes in-the-moment repairs super affordable. Plus, you can choose to have your equipment repaired at a certified local repair shop or mail it in to be repaired. MacBook owners can also use Genius Bar repair services for additional peace of mind on all covered claims.
If you’re looking for the best price on a laptop extended warranty, don’t spring for the coverage offered at the register. Shop around to make sure you’re getting coverage that works for you at an affordable price. Upsie makes it easy to compare prices on laptop warranties to ensure you’re getting a great deal.


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Updated 3/21/2022

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