What’s the Best Way to Protect Your New Gaming Laptop?

Traditionally, gamers stuck to desktops because of their power and customizable options. The introduction of new gaming laptops from ASUS and other manufacturers may finally help make gamers more mobile. Besides ASUS, some other good gaming laptop brands to consider include Dell, Alienware, Lenovo, and Razer. These companies all offer a variety of gaming laptops, options, and prices.
Of course, any gamer who invests in a new gaming laptop will want to ensure it performs well for a long time. Meanwhile, laptops and other portable electronics are more vulnerable than devices that just sit in one place all the time. Find out more about ways to keep gaming laptops performing up to speed and how to get them repaired when these measures fail.

How to Keep Laptops Performing Well

One well-known laptop brand, Dell, has branched into the gaming laptop niche recently. Dell also offers sensible advice to care for the laptops they produce and distribute. For instance:
  • When possible, use a surge protector. One power surge can damage an electronic device within an instant.
  • Use laptops on a hard surface, such as a desk or lapboard. Using a laptop on a soft surface, like a bed, can block vents and cause overheating.
  • Close the lid gently and avoid putting any objects between the keyboard and the screen.
  • Avoid putting pressure on the laptop’s screen or touching it with any sharp objects.
  • Take care with drinks or any possible exposure to moisture. According to Sewell Tech, an Apple reseller, liquid spills remain the top laptop killer.
  • Use a laptop bag or case to carry the device outside to avoid possible exposure to snow or rain.
  • Be careful about leaving the laptop in a car or anywhere it can get exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

What Happens When Gaming Laptops Fail?

Of course, accidents happen. Even with careful owners, gaming laptops might also suffer from wear or even defects that show up after the warranty period ends. Sadly, repair bills can add up quickly. Sometimes it’s even difficult to find qualified repair services with availability near you. Laptop technicians may have lots of experience with typical laptops, but not specialized machines for gaming.
Meanwhile, the limited warranties that manufacturers offer with a laptop purchase only guard against defects. They also don’t last long, and some problems may show up later. They usually require sending the laptop to a service center the manufacturer selects.
That’s why so many people turn to Upsie for gaming laptop extended warranties. To get started, simply visit the laptop page, answer a couple of questions, and view the prices and covered repairs.
Look at just a few of the major benefits of Upsie protection plans:
  • Choose between two or three years of comprehensive protection
  • Claims reps standing by 24-7 to process your claims
  • Upsie coverage includes defects, screen issues, drops, spills, component or power failures, and much more.
  • For repairs, Upsie only charges a $25 deductible and has absolutely no hidden fees.
Even better, Upsie lets customers choose between local and mail-in service. With mail-in service, Upsie will even pay for two-day postage each way. An Upsie extended warranty will prevent unexpected repair bills and help customers find certified technicians.
Don’t let computer problems interfere with the great experience that new gaming laptops can offer. Just get an Upsie warranty online up to 60 days after the purchase of your laptop. Of course, Upsie also has protection plans for other laptops, desktop computers, and a variety of electronics.

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