Compare the Best Student Chromebook Choices for 2021

These days, students need laptops more than ever before. They use them to access study materials, participate in remote learning sessions, and complete assignments. Chromebooks offer a good choice for student laptops because they’re generally lightweight, secure, affordable, and easy to maintain.
These benefits may contribute to ZDNet’s report that Chromebooks make up the most rapidly growing portion of the entire market of PCs. Of course, Chromebook computer models can vary wildly in price, performance, and features. With that in mind, consider some good choices for student Chromebook computers in 2021.

Top Choices for Student Chromebooks in 2021

As with most purchase decisions, the best student Chromebook may depend upon budget, preference, and the student’s age. Here are some good choices for different types of students and families.

What’s a Good Budget Chromebook to Consider?

The Lenovo Duet retails for about $230, and with a snap-on keyboard, it can function as both a laptop and a tablet computer. It’s also very portable and lightweight. According to TechRadar, the keyboard and trackball aren’t the best. On the other hand, the HD display and decent battery life for such an affordable laptop might somewhat make up for it.

How to Find a Rugged, Durable Chromebook for Mobile Students?

The Acer Chromebook 714 comes with a very strong body, so it’s likely to survive an occasional bump. That’s an important consideration for students who might need to transport their computer to classes. Besides offering students a rugged computer, it’s also reasonably powerful and has a good battery life. It’s not extremely stylish; however, people rarely choose laptops because of their looks. Expect to find the Acer Chromebook 714 retailing for just over $600.

Which Chromebook Should Please Older Students?

The Asus Chromebook Flip C436 packs both performance and portability in one package. This 2-1 laptop and tablet comes with a 10-Gen Intel processor and full HD display. On the downside, the battery life’s rated as just average, and the build doesn’t appear as rugged as the Acer Chromebook 714. Expect to find this Asus model retail for over $700.

How to Protect Student Chromebook Computers

Which Chromebook is best for students and their families? No matter which Chromebook suits a student best, it’s a good idea to consider protecting it. In particular, make sure younger students understand how to treat their new device with respect. Even the most durable models won’t hold up if neglected or abused. Also, a protective sleeve or backpack with a laptop case included can help protect the delicate machine from accidental bumps or spills.
Mostly, it’s best to prepare for the fact that accidents or even defects happen. With students, families, and budget-minded consumers in mind, Upsie offers the most affordable, comprehensive, and useful extended Chromebook warranties in the business. They provide 24-7 customer service by phone or online, and a choice of local or mail-in repairs.

How to Get an Upsie Chromebook Warranty?

There’s no need to make a rush decision about Chromebook extended warranties because Upsie gives consumers up to 60 days to protect their new, used or refurbished laptop. Get started by visiting the Upsie Chromebook extended warranty page where you can view plan options, coverage details and select the best one for you. After that, it’s simple to buy and register the new device online. It just takes a photo or digital copy of the sales receipt uploaded to your account.
Besides Chromebooks, Upsie also protects other kinds of computers and many other electronics and appliances.

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