Should You Buy an Extended Warranty for Lenovo Laptops?

Lenovo has been known for exceptional quality and durability for several decades. This is most evident in its ThinkPad line of business laptops. They aren’t always svelte and are pretty much never sexy, but they are durable.
As with any brand, there are going to be stronger and weaker models. 2019 wasn’t the company’s best year according to Laptop Mag. But even in an off year, Lenovo still came out toward the top of the pack among PC manufacturers.
Lenovo’s Legion line of gaming laptops is both powerful and relatively affordable. The company has a range of budget and mid-tier models as well. While some are weaker than others, none are truly poor.

Is It Safe to Buy Lenovo?

Lenovo got some really bad press a few years back. What’s this all about? Well, Lenovo is a Chinese company that got into the PC business when IBM sold its hardware division in 2005. (The storied ThinkPad line used to be an IBM product.)
So when this Chinese-owned brand shipped PCs preloaded with compromised adware called Superfish, Americans (and the US government) got a bit suspicious.
A few years later, another Chinese firm was accused of selling and shipping server equipment with a surveillance chip built in. Even though Lenovo wasn’t involved in this incident, the company’s stock dipped considerably as US consumers and traders grew more wary of foreign surveillance.
All that said: the Superfish incident is long resolved, and US/Canada-based Dell did something very similar a couple years later. Buying a Lenovo laptop today is as safe as buying from any other brand, as far as we know. Consider that Lenovo has a huge enterprise presence. If top companies are comfortable with the brand, you can be, too.

Are Lenovo Laptops Durable?

The ThinkPad line is impressively durable, especially at the higher end. Those laptops can stand up to the rigors of travel. The brand overall has a very high build quality and fares better than many other PC makers.
But not every model is a ThinkPad, and even ThinkPads aren’t indestructible. Lenovo has released a number of 2-in-1 devices, like their Yoga line. These and other highly flexible, touchscreen devices do tend to run a higher risk of damage.
For example, a hinge that folds 360 degrees has a lot more motion involved, increasing the risk of hinge failure. And any device that you hold in your hands rather than set on a table is much more at risk of being dropped.

How Long Is a Lenovo Warranty?

New Lenovo laptops will come with some level of warranty, but these can range widely. Every new model comes with some form of base warranty that usually lasts one year. You can choose to upgrade to a better tier of service or a longer plan — for a fee, of course.
Lenovo is pretty tight-lipped on their website about the rates for these warranties, which is rarely a good sign for your wallet.

Is an Extended Warranty for Lenovo Laptops Worth It?

Even though Lenovo laptops earn high praise for their durability and reliability, it’s still a good idea to protect your investment with an extended warranty for laptops.
One important reason to invest in an extended warranty is the expense of modern laptops. After going through a season where manufacturers raced to create the cheapest possible computers, we’ve entered a new era where PC makers are favoring build quality and performance over budget prices. This is a good thing in terms of enjoying the PC experience, but it does mean the machines tend to cost more.
Upsie offers high-quality extended warranties on Lenovo laptops at a lower cost than the big guys —including SquareTrade, Best Buy, and others. Upsie’s deductible is competitive — just $25. 2 or 3 year terms are available on new, used or refurbished Lenovo machines, as well.
For a more detailed breakdown on what Lenovo extended warranties cost through Upsie, check out price comparisons on popular models — just scroll to the bottom of the linked page.

What Is Covered Under Upsie’s Lenovo Warranty?

At Upsie, we pride ourselves in offering extended warranties insured by the same carriers as the big box stores, but at far lower prices.
So what’s covered? Accident protection covers drops that result in damage to the screen or to hardware, plus liquid spills and even submersion. Even if you drop your brand-new flagship Lenovo in the lake, you’re covered.
If you’re looking to insure a used Lenovo rather than a brand-new one, check out Why Upsie is the Best Insurance for Used Laptops.

How Can I Make a Claim if I Need Service for My Lenovo?

With Upsie, it’s easy. Simply visit the Upsie website, log in, and then follow the steps to file a claim. You’ll speak with a real person in Florida who will tell you on the first call if your claim is covered. Then they’ll provide you with options for getting your laptop repaired at a local certified facility, or shipping it in for repair.

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