How to Choose a Warranty for Your Laptop

So you’ve decided you need an extended warranty for your laptop. Great! But how do you choose the best one? Not all laptop warranties are created equal; some are far superior in terms of coverage and policy terms.
Thankfully Upsie knows exactly what makes a fantastic extended laptop warranty. We’ll explore their warranty, as well as a trio of must-haves for any laptop warranty policy. The same must-haves apply in terms of extended warranties from manufacturers, stores, and third-party warranty providers alike.

Extended Laptop Warranties

Extended laptop warranties are designed to prolong and improve upon the standard limited warranties offered by manufacturers. These standard limited warranties protect against things like manufacturing defects, typically for a period of 12 months.
Meanwhile, extended warranties extend the protection afforded by manufacturers in regards to defects. That’s in addition to safeguarding against mechanical faults and other failures, all for a period typically lasting up to three years. Extended warranty plans like Upsie also offer crucial protection for accidental damage.

Extended Laptop Warranty Must-Haves

Accidental Damage Protection

Coverage against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures is all well and good. However, one of the biggest perks of any extended laptop warranty has to be accidental damage protection. Not all extended laptop warranties offer this. In fact, many don’t. So, be sure to shop around.
With comprehensive accidental damage protection in place, laptop owners are generally insured against everything from drops and cracks to liquid spills and other mishaps. Be sure to check a policy’s terms and conditions to make sure that all of these provisions are in place. Also, make sure that you’re happy with any repair or replacement options, should the worst happen.

Unlimited Claims

However comprehensive an extended warranty may be, it’s for nothing if claims are limited to just one or two in a given period.
The best extended laptop warranties are those that are unlimited, often subject to just one or two conditions. Very few warranty providers offer unlimited claims. The other guys skirt over claims details in favor of promoting other, less important benefits.
The good news is that all of Upsie’s extended warranties are unlimited up to a product’s purchase price. That means that, if a customer has a laptop with a purchase price of $2,000, and Upsie organizes a repair with a total bill of $200, they would have $1,800 left for additional claims.

A Service You Can Rely On

Similarly important is choosing an extended laptop warranty from a service provider that you can rely on. At Upsie, that means the ability to call or fill out an online claim form 24/7, 365 days a year.
A real person then walks you through your claim and lets you know on the first call if it’s covered. After the claim is promptly approved, an Upsie representative will help schedule an appointment with a local repair shop. Or they can send you a prepaid label and supplies to ship the laptop safely into Upsie’s certified repair center.
Upsie also offers extended warranties for both new and used laptops – a rarity among extended warranty providers. It’s something not afforded to consumers by retailers such as Best Buy and insurance providers like Allstate. With Upsie, warranty coverage for used laptops comes in addition to comprehensive accidental damage protection, unlimited claims up to a laptop’s purchase price, and more.

Choose Upsie and Save Up to 70 Percent

So, have you chosen the right warranty for your laptop? Hopefully that means an extended warranty from Upsie! If so, there’s more good news. That’s because Upsie’s extended laptop warranties are up to 70 percent more affordable than policies sold elsewhere.
It’s something made possible thanks to Upsie’s tireless commitment to cutting out unnecessary middlemen and slashing sky-high markups. As a result, excellent coverage is available to purchase online up to 60-days after your laptop purchase date.
Affordable, straightforward, and easy to understand, Upsie’s policies are available exclusively via the Upsie website and smartphone app. To find out more, or to lock in an extended laptop warranty, head to or download the app to get started.

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