The Mac Studio Computer With the Latest M1 Ultra Chip

Apple’s recent debut of the latest Mac Studio with their recently introduced M1 Ultra chip generated plenty of excitement. Here’s everything customers need to know about the new Mac Studio and its accompanying M1 Ultra Chip.

What to Expect From the Latest Mac Studio With an M1 Ultra Chip

First of all, the Mac Studio weighs two pounds more than its predecessor. And the weight doesn’t come from the M1 Ultra Chip. The M1 Ultra chip compares to two M1 Max chips stuck together, so this upgrade doesn’t account for the extra two pounds of weight. Instead, Apple replaced the M1 Max’s aluminum heatsink with a copper thermal module. Copper doesn’t automatically provide a superior solution to aluminum, but it does weigh more. Apple did not discuss the reason for the change.
According to CNET, a basic bundle for the Mac Studio would need to include the computer and a monitor. The starting prices for these include:
Thus, a usable bundle for the computer and the monitor would cost about $3,600. Note that the cheapest version of the Mac Studio with an M1 Ultra chip costs about $4,000. That brings the base price for the computer and monitor up to $5,600. Customers who want to max out the specs would need to spend about $10,000. Even people who want to stick to a low budget should think about expanding storage because Apple doesn’t currently offer a way to upgrade the storage later.

Is the Mac Studio Computer With M1 Ultra the Best Workstation?

The new workstation and monitor offer unparalleled performance and the best solution for some professionals and businesses. Right now, the M1 Ultra processor matches Nvidia’s best chip and performs considerably better than Intel’s.
However, even the M1 Ultra will probably not have the luxury of standing alone in the market for long. For instance, Screen Rant pointed out that chipmakers like NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD have worked hard to compete against Apple with their PC versions of advanced processors and designs.
If an upgrade can wait, some creatives may want to wait to see what’s coming up next. For instance, Intel plans to release Raptor Lake processors within the year. Also, Windows PCs have a more extensive user base and more software and accessories. Plus, multiple companies include these competitors’ chips in their PCs, so buyers enjoy a greater selection.
Right now, people may still tend to stick with the operating systems they’ve already invested in. Even so, the debut of the latest Mac Studio will probably sway more people over to Apple’s side, but it won’t appeal to everybody.

The Best Apple Mac Extended Warranty

People might still argue about the best company for high-performance PCs and accessories. Even PC users will admit that Apple produces advanced products. However, even if Apple wins the debate over the best chipsets and processing power today, their warranties lack the necessary protection. AppleCare+ is expensive and prohibitive, leaving devices unprotected. Luckily, customers can get the best protection with an Upsie warranty instead.
An Upsie extended warranty for Mac computers can benefit many computer owners in ways AppleCare+ will not. For instance:
  • AppleCare+ limits the number of accidental claims it will cover, but Upsie does not impose this sort of restriction. With Upsie, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
  • In addition, Upsie lets its customers choose between mail-in or local service, including Apple’s famous Genius Bar for repairs.
  • Upsie also has claims representatives on the phone 24-7 to offer help when their customers need it.
  • Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than their retail warranty competition, including AppleCare.
Take time to choose the best workstations, and promptly head over to for a premium yet affordable extended warranty.

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