MacBook Insurance: AppleCare Versus Upsie

MacBooks thrive under the protection of an extended warranty. Quite often, that means shelling out on a comprehensive but costly AppleCare+ agreement. Luckily, MacBook owners aren’t limited to AppleCare+ and have a range of other options. For example, Upsie provides comparable or superior coverage with a major perk: savings up to 70 percent.
Ultimately, the two options feature many of the same benefits. Be that as it may, and aside from price, there are also numerous important distinctions to be made between the coverage offered by both Upsie and Apple itself. To get a better grasp of what’s on offer, it’s a good idea to start by taking a closer look at each option.

MacBook Insurance With AppleCare

AppleCare is the California-based multinational consumer electronics giant’s service and support solution. Most Apple products come with a one-year limited warranty. That incorporates up to 90 days of complimentary technical support via AppleCare.
Customers can expand this support by purchasing an AppleCare+ plan. These plans include numerous other benefits, such as protection against various mechanical faults and up to two incidents of accidental damage protection per year. The extended warranty also includes other perks, like priority access to Apple experts.

MacBook Insurance With Upsie

Headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Upsie specializes in extended warranties and protection plans for electronics, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether within or outside of a manufacturer’s limited warranty period, Upsie insures customers’ electronics against all manner of defects and accidental damage like cracks caused by trips, drops, and falls.
Upsie’s MacBook policies also provide coverage in the event of power failures and faults involving motherboards, logic boards, graphics cards, chips, fans, rotors, and other internal parts. Upsie customers can also sell or gift their MacBooks with the balance of their laptop warranties still in place.

Upsie Versus AppleCare MacBook Insurance

Both Upsie and AppleCare offer many of the same core benefits. These benefits include protection against manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, accidental damage, and more.
Relatively few differences ultimately separate the two options aside from cost. That said, there’s also one more particularly important consideration to bear in mind when it comes to the maximum number of permitted claims.


Arguably the biggest difference between laptop insurance with AppleCare and Upsie centers around cost. Let’s take Apple’s latest 13-inch MacBook Air as an example. While AppleCare+ customers can expect to spend $199 for three years of protection, comparable coverage with Upsie costs just $179.99.
However, Upsie customers gain an advantage regarding service fees or deductibles. With AppleCare+, customers must pay a service fee of up to $299 toward the cost of any necessary damage repairs. Upsie, meanwhile, charges just $25.

Policy Limitations

Cost aside, AppleCare+ coverage is also limited to two accidental damage claims per year. Once a customer submits two claims in any twelve-month period, AppleCare+ customers are left wholly unprotected in the event of drops, liquid spills, and other accidental mishaps. On the other hand, regardless of the nature of the incident, claims with Upsie are unlimited up to the purchase price of the device.

Repair Options

Both Upsie and AppleCare offer numerous repair options for the MacBook, including free round-trip shipping. Each will also provide an appropriate box, as necessary, in which to ship a MacBook to ensure the device’s safe travels. Elsewhere, various local repair options are further available with Upsie and AppleCare+ alike.

Genius Bar Support

A clear perk of choosing AppleCare+ is access to Apple’s 270+ retail stores nationwide and their Genius Bars. What may come as a surprise to many, though, is that Upsie customers also have access to Apple’s Genius Bars.

MacBook Warranty Conclusion: Upsie Versus AppleCare

Upsie is equally comprehensive, more affordable, and offers unlimited claims up to a MacBook’s purchase price. As a result, Upsie is the obvious choice for cost-savvy individuals looking for reasonably priced laptop insurance.
Consumers have up to 60 days after purchasing a new, used, or refurbished MacBook to secure an Upsie protection plan. After purchasing a laptop, interested parties can quickly and easily buy a comprehensive extended laptop warranty by simply uploading a picture or copy of their MacBook’s receipt to their Upsie account.
Reporting any issues is also straightforward and can be done online around the clock. Upsie’s claims team will promptly take on the case. They’ll then walk the customer through their claim, letting them know on their first call if it’s covered. Next, the support team will offer a range of repair options, with local repairs often possible the very same day.

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