Microsoft Surface 5 Laptop Rumors and Leaks

After the successful launch of Microsoft’s Surface laptop back in 2017, the public has greeted each new release with increased enthusiasm. So as the world prepares for the release of the Surface Laptop 5 later in 2022, it’s a good time to look at some of its most anticipated features.
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When to Expect the Surface 5

While Microsoft has kept things close to the vest about its newest release, there are some clues and details about what consumers can expect. While the laptops typically come out in the fall, supply chain constraints may have something to do with why Microsoft decided not to release a new Surface laptop in fall 2021.
Even though Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed a release date, the pattern of past releases gives us a good idea of when to expect the next tablet. There could be a release sometime later in the spring. Then again, the company could announce an October slot, making it available just in time for the holidays. It’s also possible that the company might throw a curveball and decide to push the release to 2023.

Potential New Surface 5 Changes

There’s anticipation that the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 laptop could come with new processors from Intel or AMD. Other potential updates could include:
  • A new 120Hz display
  • Thunderbolt support
  • Entirely new design
While the 11th generation chips in the Surface 4 put it at the top of the class, there are 12th generation chips on the market. These chips could encourage Microsoft to improve even further upon processor speed. Microsoft may also make different versions of Surface 5 available, one with an Intel chip and the other using AMD.
Even though there are no images available to confirm any changes to the look of the Surface Pro 5, there is hope that the next version will represent a significant step up from the last release. Based on what Microsoft did with past Surface releases, there will likely be 13 and 15-inch versions of the laptop.
Another change that could alter the look and feel of the Surface Pro 5 laptop include slimmer bezels. Many Microsoft competitors have started introducing slim-bezel laptops, so the company may want to stay ahead of the curve. Users would likely appreciate having the extra screen space, too.
To continue, some would like to see the introduction of pen storage, similar to what’s available on the Laptop Studio. Other features that could potentially make their way into the Microsoft Surface 5 laptop include:
  • Thunderbolt 4 ports for gaming or media-heavy tasks
  • Improved camera and microphone functionality
  • Continuation of replaceable SSD
  • Repairability similar to the Surface Laptop SE
Many hailed Microsoft’s decision to move on from 60Hz displays and upgrade to a 120Hz panel with Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8. That allows both products to take advantage of the Dynamic Refresh Rate feature in Windows 11.

Pricing and Availability

The introduction of AMD Ryzen processes with the Surface Laptop 4 let Microsoft put the products on the market at a lower price point. However, the cost will likely vary depending on the laptop’s size and whether it contains an Intel processor.
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Make the Most of Your Surface Laptop 5 Purchase

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