The New Surface Pro 7: Versatility In Action

Based on the original Microsoft Surface series released in 2012, this versatile machine has undergone several changes since then. It was originally released as a 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro, but the design team knew there were more possibilities for its success as a two-in-one detachable unit. Thus, the modern iteration of the Microsoft Surface—several years and updates later—was born and continues to thrive today.
Are you considering buying the new Surface Pro 7? If so, you might like to learn more about this 2-in-1 detachable offering from Microsoft to see if it’s a good fit for your computing needs for your personal and professional life. Since Microsoft offers these lightning-fast laptops at relatively high prices, remember to check out their warranties and the best extended laptop warranties available.

Explore the New Surface Pro 7

Following the long line of 2-in-1 detachable Windows-based laptops, the Microsoft Surface 7 Pro is as much a tablet as a laptop. It’s hard to imagine all the work behind the slim body, but Windows has done it for nine years and running. All the machine’s core components are working behind the 12.3-inch touchscreen, whether you feel like leaving it attached to the keyboard or detaching the screen and treating it as a trusted tablet.
The basics of this recurring flagship favorite are the same, including the above-mentioned versatility between laptop and tablet. You’ll also get to use the same Surface Pen to draw on your tablet’s touch screen. And, like always, your convertible tablet via laptop will have the trusted kickstand on the back to hold it upright while you work on it. The kickstand still doesn’t work well when trying to use it with your laptop, but fortunately, you shouldn’t need to use it in that capacity. Keep in mind that, like all Surface machines, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection and, in some cases, an LTE connection, notes The Daily News.
Finally, the Surface Pro 7 still features two primary ports: one USB-C and one USB-A. Now that you know the familiar features of the new Surface Pro 7, let’s take a look at some new details and highlights.

The Price

Let’s kick off the specific information regarding the latest Windows Surface Pro 7 release by discussing the price, which is $749.99. This price point is fairly standard for new Windows Surface releases, so fans of the flagship line know what to expect. However, if you’re new to this type of computer, you’ll want to keep reading to ensure that it lives up to your preferred features and specifications for the price.

The Mid-Generation Refresh

It might seem a little confusing to see this refresh on a previously released model, but the upgrades fall into a gray area. They’re important but not worth a full bump to the next generation.

The Size

The Surface Pro 7 measures .33-inch thick and weighs 1.7 or 1.74 pounds, depending on the Intel processor you choose. The on-screen keyboard takes up a great deal of the 12.3-inch touchscreen. Some prefer to preserve that precious 2736×1824 resolution real estate by purchasing a type cover keyboard, sold separately for around $129.99. However, you’re likely to get a discount if you purchase your type cover when you purchase your Surface Pro 7. Without the type cover, you get the most screen size from using your Pro 7 as a tablet by hand or with your Pro Pen.

The Internal Components

The latest Surface Pro 7 features the highly anticipated speedy Core I-3 Intel “Ice Lake” processor for starters, notes PC Magazine. Fortunately, it offers a lot more, including:
  • A robust battery life
  • Removable and upgradeable SSD, starting at 128GB and going up to 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB
  • Up to 32GB RAM, depending on selected processing speed
  • Optional 4G LTE

Does Microsoft Protect Its Surface Pro 7 Machines With High-Powered Warranties?

Whether you plan to use your Windows Surface Pro 7 for work, hobbies, or shopping, it’s a big investment, so you want to make sure you keep it safe. This Microsoft offering comes with the standard one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, covering factory-introduced issues like a mechanical failure.
Microsoft also offers an extended warranty called the Microsoft Complete Protection Plan, but you need to sign up as you purchase your Surface Pro 7. Unfortunately, you can’t simply check the price as easily as you might like to, based on the price of your Windows machine. For the sake of transparency to help customers choose their product quickly, Microsoft might lose out to those who want to know the numbers quickly and upfront.

You Never Need to Look Far to Find Upsie’s Affordable Extended Laptop Warranty Pricing

Upsie makes it easy to find extended warranty pricing for your Surface Pro 7. For instance, a two-year warranty with accident protection for a laptop priced at $749.99 is $103.99 with only a $25 deductible. It’s that simple and transparent with Upsie for every product and brand.
Upsie’s Microsoft Surface protection covers accidental damage, such as drops and spills, as well as mechanical and power failures. It’s truly fantastic coverage, comparable to the most expensive warranty plans on the market. Lucky for you, you can get that coverage from Upsie for up to 70% less cost.

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