Rumors About Upcoming Apple Macbook Releases in 2022

After the pandemic-related delay of many Apple releases over the past couple of years, it appears that this major electronics manufacturer has turned the faucet back on. Expect Apple to follow last year’s release of significantly better MacBook computers with the announcement of even more upgrades to this line of products, including new processors and updated features.

Upcoming Apple Mac Releases for 2022

CNET expects Apple to conduct its first launch event for 2022 on March 8. The company may release updated Macs at that time or announce releases coming in the next few months.
Even though Apple hasn’t made specific announcements yet, rumors speculate that the company will release these upgrades:
  • New Mac Mini with Apple’s M1 Pro processor
  • Bigger iMac Pro with a choice of the M1 Pro or the M1 Max chipsets
  • A 13-inch MacBook Pro, a 24-inch iMac, and a refreshed design for MacBook Air, all with M2 chips
Tom’s Guide selected last year’s MacBook Pro with the M1 chipset as their choice for the best laptop on the market. The editors said that the impressive performance and efficiency of the M1 chip in the 13-inch MacBook Pro swayed them to choose this PC as their top pick.
Since then, Apple has also released 14-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with the choice of an M1 or M1 Pro chipset. If the latest versions of the MacBook Pro offer significant improvements, they could also gain recognition as the best laptops for 2022.

What is Apple Silicon?

Some of these new releases may advertise that they come with Apple Silicon. The Mac Rumors website explains this not as the name for a specific processor but as the term Apple uses to refer to a “system on a chip.” In other words, instead of describing only a CPU, Silicon refers to Apple’s customized processors for everything, including the CPU, GPU, and so on.
Apple gained plenty of experience designing custom processors for iPhones and other portable devices. At this point, their tech performs well enough to include it in PCs. The company has always maintained that they focus on delivering energy efficiency and high performance. Apple now believes that its in-house processors beat anything else on the market.

Is This a Good Time to Invest in a New Macbook?

The new Apple chipsets appear unmatched in performance and energy efficiency. Right now, Apple might produce the best PCs on the market. In particular, people who already use the Apple ecosystem will probably become enthusiastic customers for these new machines soon.
On the other hand, most computer users don’t need the best on the market. Products like the HP Envy X360, Lenovo Yogi 9I, Dell XPS 17, and other top Windows and Chromebook choices could offer excellent and more affordable alternatives. Consumers who feel determined to own a MacBook but need to stick to a budget might wait for the new releases to arrive. Apple consistently reduces the price of last year’s model. They also have an excellent trade-in program that can offer customers to find a deal on a gently used Macbook.

The Best MacBook Extended Warranties

Apple makes excellent computers, but they don’t necessarily offer the broadest and cheapest warranty coverage. For a new or refurbished MacBook, look into the benefits of an Upsie extended warranty for MacBooks. Upsie’s comprehensive coverage includes repairs for damage caused by factory defects, wear, or accidents. In addition, customers with Apple products can fully utilize the Genius Bar for repairs through Upsie.
Upsie’s laptop warranties are also up to 70 percent more affordable than warranties from retailers or manufacturers, including AppleCare. Plus, customers gain 24-7 claims representatives by phone and a choice of local or postage-paid mail-in services.

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