The Best Laptops for Elementary School Children in 2022

These days, young students and computers complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. At the same time, many parents worry that the youngest students might damage delicate hardware with a spilled drink or careless drops. On the other hand, manufacturers offer some affordable, durable machines for elementary school kids. To choose between the best laptops for children in elementary school, consider some of the top choices available in 2022.

Do Children in Primary Grades Need Their Own PC?

Many schoolchildren have relied on computers for remote access to lessons and resources during the past couple of years. Even before the pandemic shut many schools down, computer use in elementary schools started to increase. These days, even many preschool-aged children begin learning the basics of using computers and keyboards.
According to a survey of parents published by PCMag, about one-quarter of parents said that children should have a laptop by nine years old. The publication conducted this survey right before the coronavirus outbreak, and it would be interesting to see if the results might change today.
Thus, most younger students can benefit from access to a computer, even if they aren’t the sole user of that device. Before shopping for a laptop, check the school’s requirements to ensure the device will suit the child’s needs. Relatively modern computers that can access the internet should work most of the time, but some schools may publish more specific requirements.

Excellent Laptops for Elementary School Students

According to TechRadar, parents can balance their budgets with several affordable choices for kid-friendly and relatively kid-proof laptops. Options include Chromebooks, Windows machines, 2-1 PCs, and even an Apple computer. To help inform shopping, consider these top choices:
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2: This Windows 2-1 helps balance an affordable price with a premium design. The base price doesn’t include an optional keyboard or stylus.
  • Google Pixelbook: This Chromebook OS PC offers impressive battery life, a 1080p webcam, and a quiet keyboard.
  • MacBook Air: This iOS machine costs more than the more affordable options, but Apple kept this model relatively inexpensive compared to most Macs.
Parents will probably find the most choices for an affordable laptop for primary grades if they’re willing to buy a Chromebook, but some manufacturers have developed Windows machines for students. For instance:

Protect Laptops from Elementary Kid’s Sticky Fingers and Drops

If children need to carry their PCs back and forth to school, grandma’s place, or a friend’s house, ensure they have a suitable case or computer-friendly backpack. Also, it helps to provide younger children with instructions to wash their hands and before using the device.
A nearby pack of wet wipes and a covered cup might help encourage this behavior. Some manufacturers make special wet wipes for electronics, and prudent parents might want to stock up just in case. However, even the most careful users make mistakes that will call for professional repairs or even replacements.
That risk explains why Upsie’s affordable laptop warranties offer a perfect complement to a kid’s computer. A two- or three-year laptop extended warranty provides access to 24-7 live claims service with people. They’ll process your claim and help schedule a local or mail-in repair.Their great coverage includes protection from accidents, wear, and any defects the manufacturer’s warranty excludes.

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