Meet Samsung 32-Inch M7 4K UHD Smart TV and Monitor

Famed for both its televisions and computer monitors, Samsung has now combined the two into a single offering. Traditionally, monitors and TVs have always been distinctly different propositions, and with good reason.
By and large, monitors have sharper displays designed for close-up use. Superior at replicating fine detail, they also boast faster refresh rates and more accurate color reproduction. With that, they’re better for gaming, graphic design, and much more. By contrast, TVs are larger and typically represent an investment in overall screen real estate rather than peak performance in other areas.
Be that as it may, and as an industry leader in each field, Samsung has sought to pioneer a lineup of screens that will serve as both monitors and televisions. With that, there’s the 32-inch M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor and Streaming TV.

Samsung 32-Inch M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor and Streaming TV

It stands to reason that a monitor should be able to serve as a TV and vice versa. However, for a long time, it’s been prohibitively expensive to engineer such a solution, especially at a consumer level. However, the 32-inch Samsung M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor and Streaming TV does precisely that at just $369.99.


Samsung’s 32-inch M7 4K UHD smart TV and Monitor is nothing if not feature-packed. Highlights include UHD resolution, an ultra-wide game view, USB-C connectivity, and full support for screen mirroring. Buyers also get high-performance built-in speakers and a voice-enabled remote control supporting Samsung DeX and Apple AirPlay 2.
The M7 4K UHD display’s smart TV functionality also allows users to stream endless entertainment with Netflix, YouTube, HBO, and more without a PC or laptop. First unveiled a little over a year ago, it is, Samsung says, the world’s first do-it-all screen.

It Combines Work and Pleasure

Designed to be a screen for every side of life, Samsung M7 4K UHD monitor users can get work done without a PC or laptop, thanks to its pre-installed Microsoft Office 365 setup. At the same time, buyers can use the display to remotely access a computer, whether that’s somewhere else in the home or miles away at the office.
Then, with any work finished, it’s easy to switch instantly to pure recreation mode with the 32-inch Samsung M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor and Streaming TV’s onboard, one-stop entertainment system. Meanwhile, buyers looking for something bigger can opt instead for Samsung’s larger 43-inch M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor and Streaming TV, priced at a penny under $500.

Conclusion: Samsung UHD Monitor and TV Warranty

Samsung’s 32-inch M7 4K UHD smart display combines PC-level monitor usage and top-tier TV-watching capabilities. Ultimately, it does it well – especially given the challenges that the manufacturer has had to overcome. Furthermore, combining the two was never simply an issue of cost, nor was it a matter of finding a middle ground between size and resolution.
The complete list of differences between what has previously set monitors apart from televisions is surprisingly long. For example, there are also aspect ratios and viewing angles to think about. That’s in addition to the need for power-saving settings and options for integrated accessories on monitors versus TVs.
Fortunately, the 32-inch Samsung M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor and Streaming TV strikes an excellent balance in most areas. So, while it’s not necessarily a stand-out TV or the best computer monitor on today’s market, it was never intended to be. That’s best reflected in its price, where similarly sized range-topping TVs and monitors all cost more than the dual-purpose M7 4K.
Accordingly, it’s a largely affordable solution through which buyers benefit from a combined TV and monitor setup. Where space allows and finances permit, individual devices will always perform better. However, at under $370, it would be hard to propose a TV and monitor pairing to beat the 32-inch two-in-one, especially from a leading brand like Samsung.

Samsung M7 4K UHD Monitor and TV Warranty

The Samsung 32-inch M7 4K UHD Smart Monitor and Streaming TV comes with a limited one-year warranty. For warranty purposes, Samsung’s M7 4K UHD smart displays are classed as monitors rather than televisions.
Buyers looking for a longer warranty can take out extended Samsung Protection Plus plans, should they wish. Yet, coverage is costly and comes with an ever-growing list of restrictions and other limitations. As a result, Samsung Protection Plus customers can find themselves left without all-important safeguards in place when they need them the most.

Upgrade Your Warranty With Upsie

Thankfully, a comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-understand alternative is available from Upsie. Upsie’s warranties include complete protection in the event of manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures. In addition, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere.
With an extended Samsung M7 4K UHD smart monitor and TV warranty from Upsie, customers get access to various repair and replacement options, all with no service fees and a $0 deductible. Policies are fully transferable, too, offering complete peace of mind for up to five years, with eligibility open to both new and used purchases made in the last 60 days.

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