Refurbished and Used Laptop Warranty Options

Used laptops are a great way to save money on Apple’s MacBooks and models from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, and other manufacturers. But what about when it comes to a warranty? Did you know that used laptops typically come with just a 90-day warranty? That’s at least nine months less than when buying new.
So, while there’s money to be saved, it’s vital to take extra precautions in terms of warranty coverage. Most manufacturers and big-box retailers sell extended warranties, chiefly for new laptops. Universally costly and often limited in one or more areas, there’s another drawback, too. Many don’t cover used laptops. And those that do are even costlier still.
Thankfully, however, all is not lost. That’s because Upsie is on hand to help with a range of warranty options for used and refurbished laptops. But first, a quick look at the other possibilities.

New or Used

Buying a used or refurbished laptop is a great way to save significantly on the cost of an upgrade. Huge savings are available, even on some of the latest models. However, with just 90 days of warranty coverage generally offered as standard, there are risks involved.
If a new laptop goes faulty at any point in the first year of its life, the manufacturer is obliged to take care of it. Yet, this period is slashed to barely 12 weeks for used and refurbished models. If one or more issues arise after those 90 days are up, the buyer could find themselves seriously out of pocket.

Manufacturer and Retailer Warranties

Extended manufacturer and retailer warranties have traditionally offered to provide peace of mind, albeit predominantly on brand-new purchases and at a significant cost. Of course, retailers and manufacturers who sell used and refurbished laptops may offer to extend the typical 90-day used laptop warranty period for a fee.
Unfortunately, stores charge so much that it negates what consumers save by buying a used or refurbished laptop. It’s something of a catch-22 situation. Furthermore, not all manufacturers and retailers can, or will, offer to extend coverage on used and refurbished devices.

Save Up to 70 Percent With Upsie

Upsie is proud to offer a range of extended laptop warranty solutions for both new and used laptops. Better still, by cutting out the middleman Upsie saves you up to 70 percent on the cost of coverage.
Despite their low prices, Upsie’s plans are no less comprehensive. In fact, they’re comparable or superior to even the most expensive used laptop warranties sold by both manufacturers and retailers.
All of Upsie’s warranties are designed to be as straightforward as possible, too. Free of much of the jargon that’s so prevalent elsewhere, securing a used laptop extended warranty with Upsie is a breeze as a result.

Used Laptop Warranty Requirements

All that’s necessary to lock in protection for used laptops with Upsie is a 30-day (or longer) seller or manufacturer warranty from purchase. That’s right! Some manufacturers and retailers don’t even offer 90 days of warranty coverage with their used and refurbished laptops. Some offer just 30 days!
Either way, as long as there’s at least 30 days of coverage in place from the outset, Upsie can extend, and often significantly improve upon, this protection for up to three years. Used laptop warranties are available from Upsie for laptops purchased from the following retailers, resellers, and manufacturers:
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Back Market
  • Best Buy
  • Blinq
  • eBay
  • Gazelle
  • Newegg
  • Swappa
  • Target
  • Walmart

Benefits of an Upsie Used Laptop Warranty

Whether purchased new or used, protecting your laptop with Upsie is a no-brainer. Not only are Upsie’s laptop warranties comprehensive, affordable, and easy to understand, they also come with various other perks.
Among these perks are a choice between local or ship-it-in repairs, unlimited claims up to a laptop’s purchase price, and an industry-leading low deductible of just $25. Furthermore, all Upsie laptop warranties include protection from accidents at no extra cost. This means laptops are protected against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults accidental drops, cracks, liquid spills, and other unfortunate mishaps. Upsie's warranties are also transferable when selling or gifting a laptop.

Lock in Protection With Upsie in Under Five Minutes

All of this and more is available with every Upsie laptop warranty. Upsie warranties cover brands like Apple, HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Microsoft, to name just a few.
Best of all, locking in the peace of mind of a comprehensive extended laptop warranty from Upsie takes just moments. To secure a new or used laptop warranty in under five minutes, head directly to or download the Upsie smartphone app to browse all available policies.

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