Three Top-Rated Titles for Laptop Gaming

Smartphones have transformed mobile gaming in recent years. Before that, gaming on the go meant firing up a laptop. Yet, despite the popularity of app-based smartphone titles, countless gamers still rely on their laptops. In addition, the best laptop video games often far outshine titles developed exclusively for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
With more computing power and a wider range of controls available, laptop gaming has much to offer. Of course, it’s easy to assume that a high-powered gaming laptop is required. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Many of today’s most popular and widely used laptops are perfectly capable of playing a huge number of 2021’s top-rated video games.

Best Laptop Video Games

While some titles remain better suited to top-spec desktop PCs, dedicated gaming laptops, and consoles like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, countless others are much less demanding regarding what’s required to enjoy them. To demonstrate, here are a trio of today’s best video games for laptop.

Disco Elysium

First released in 2019, Disco Elysium is a vast open-world RPG ideally suited to laptop gaming. Most of today’s laptops can run Disco Elysium with at least 8GB of RAM.
As long as RAM isn’t an issue, Disco Elysium grants almost unprecedented freedom playing the title’s main character — a problem-solving detective. From tackling murder mysteries to taking bribes and becoming a millionaire in the process, all of this happens in spectacular and mysterious surroundings.
Disco Elysium is a perfect laptop game, allowing players to while away the hours. Alternatively, they’re free to jump in for just a few minutes of gameplay here and there, as and when time permits.


Any laptop capable of running Disco Elysium will also be nicely suited to enjoying Humankind. Placing a new twist on history-based strategy games like Age of Empires and Civilization, Humankind is hugely customizable. Accordingly, its makers promise that every playthrough will be unique. From enjoying different cultures to forging alliances and waging war, each decision has a long-lasting impact.
It’s a format that lends itself impeccably to laptop gameplay. In fact, Humankind, which came out in August 2021, is infinitely more enjoyable on a laptop than it ever could be on a smartphone, tablet, or console.
To succeed in the game, build the world’s most famous empire by rewriting history. Again, it’s a supremely enjoyable experience thanks to Humankind’s unique in-game mechanics.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Following in the footsteps of 2015’s Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is even more vibrant and beautifully scored. In addition, it offers new game mechanics and far deeper levels of gameplay. The latest release nicely suits many of today’s most popular mid-range and even entry-level laptops.
With a vast world to explore, Ori and the Will of the Wisps promises an engaging and magical story. The game takes most players around 15 hours to complete. Of course, the same is true whether players binge the title or jump in and out as time allows – perfect for typical laptop gaming.
Released last year, platform-adventure game Ori and the Will of the Wisps is also available for consoles, including Microsoft’s Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox S, as well as Nintendo’s ever-popular Switch. However, it shines on gamers’ PCs and laptops.
For those with older laptops, the franchise’s original outing — Ori and the Blind Forest — is still as enjoyable as ever. In addition, it also comes with fewer system requirements. As such, even older devices can deliver a slice of adventure courtesy of guardian spirit Ori.

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