Top Tips to Enjoy the Best New Features of Windows 11

According to CNET, Microsoft has already started rolling out Windows 11 to eligible devices on October 5. Find out when to expect an update notification and some key features of this latest Windows version.

When to Expect Windows 11

Microsoft plans to implement this Windows upgrade in stages, and apparently, older devices will get updated later than newer ones. Because Microsoft needs to update millions of Windows computers, the company expects the massive rollout of Windows 11 for existing machines to last until the middle of 2022.

Will all PCs work with Windows 11?

The Microsoft blog says that their free PC Health Check app can answer questions about a specific computer’s eligibility for the upgrade to Windows 11. Most devices that already run Windows 10 should also work with Windows 11.
The company also plans to maintain and update Windows 10 until at least 2025, so people with older or incompatible devices have time to buy new computers.

Exciting Windows 11 Tips and New Features

Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015, and computer users’ expectations for their devices have changed significantly in the past six years. For instance, most people rely upon multiple devices, such as a laptop and a smartphone. They also rely on computers for more aspects of their daily lives, including shopping, work, entertainment, and school.
Browse this list of the top Windows 11 tips and highlights to see how this upgrade to Windows should better satisfy today’s PC users:

Android Apps

This feature might not come with the initial update, but soon, users can download native Android apps from a Microsoft Store that they will make accessible through the Amazon Appstore. Even though all apps won’t work on Microsoft, Windows 11 will support such favorites as Netflix, TikTok, Pinterest, and Uber.


A slide-out tab will display a set of customizable widgets. Some examples include local weather, news, and a calendar. Users can find a new button for widgets on the taskbar.

Microsoft Teams

A new button that connects directly to Microsoft Teams for video chat will also appear on the new taskbar. This feature connects Microsoft Teams users on other Windows 11, iOS, Mac, or Android devices.

Multiple Virtual Desktops

People who work on their computer most of the day and then use it at night for personal tasks generally end up with a lot of open and bookmarked tabs. This new feature allows multiple desktops. For instance, a user could have different desktops for work, school, entertainment, and shopping.


Gamers will also appreciate the features that Windows 11 borrowed from Xbox technology to improve their experience. These include DirectStorage and Auto HDR.

Why Pair a New PC With an Extended Warranty

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