Top Three Laptop Video Games for Kids

Kids and teenagers spend more time than ever on smartphones and tablets. By contrast, kids’ usage of PCs and laptops is at an all-time low, as they increasingly favor their mobile devices. However, PCs and laptops are much more versatile than smartphones and tablets. For example, they can also be used for homework, studying, and more — including playing games.

Laptop Games are Superior

What’s more, many laptop games are also far superior to tablet and smartphone versions, even outperforming those designed specifically for gaming consoles. At the same time, they routinely offer greater value for money, with many also boasting one or more educational angles. This academic edge, in particular, is something that’s still sadly lacking from the majority of smartphone, tablet, and gaming console titles.

Three Best Video Games for Kids’ Laptops

With that in mind, what follows is a look at three of today’s best laptop video games for kids. Each offers educational, problem-solving, or physics-based benefits. Here are the top kids’ laptop games.

Kerbal Space Program

With space flight as fascinating as ever to children and adults alike, Kerbal Space Program continues to enjoy rave reviews from both kids and their parents. This game received an overwhelmingly positive reception since the first version was released around a decade ago. In addition, fans Kerbal Space Program has impressed repeatedly in each of its subsequent updates.
In Kerbal Space Program, players direct their very own space program. The game boasts a realistic orbital physics engine, allowing for various real-life maneuvers, such as Hohmann transfer orbits. Accordingly, it’s an excellent way for kids of all ages to learn about both space and physics.
Its popularity has translated to consoles, including the latest Xbox and PlayStation models. Yet, Kerbal Space Program remains best enjoyed on a laptop or desktop computer by its very nature. Here, kids can set up their own mission control stations before relishing in countless hours of combined entertainment and learning. Fans expect the long-anticipated sequel to arrive later this year.


Subnautica may not seem like an overly educational title, but don’t let first impressions fool you. Like Kerbal Space Program, Subnautica has earned critical acclaim since its original launch several years ago. Multi-award-winning, the game has scored legions of fans of all ages. However, it continues to accumulate particular praise as a subtly educational title.
Unlike outwardly physics-focused games or titles largely dependent on problem-solving, Subnautica is fun, first and foremost. It’s also visually beautiful, with this aspect sure to be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. What’s most important in this sense, though, is the open-world adventure game’s focus on collecting and saving precious resources.
Again, Subnautica’s popularity has since seen it brought to consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Still, it arguably remains best enjoyed on a laptop. The title’s nonlinear gameplay ensures countless hours of fun. Also, its deeper focus on conservation and other important topics means that it’s a learning experience from the outset.


One of today’s top-rated educational games for kids’ laptops, Factorio is a two-dimensional game centered upon mining resources, researching technologies, and building infrastructure on a new planet. Clever game mechanics mean that young players must use problem-solving skills to find resources in order to progress. These resources can then be used to create all-important in-game items designed to help players move forward.
Although it lacks the flashy graphics of some newer games, it’s a great example of a title that promotes simultaneous learning and gameplay. For example, players need to use problem-solving, complex machine-building strategies, and clever steps to automate various tasks and battle alien enemies.
With a never-ending landscape to explore, aspects of Factorio are not dissimilar to Minecraft while also being reminiscent of titles like SimCity. Crucially, though, there are opportunities throughout to learn. It is a great example of a laptop video game that kids and parents can enjoy together. More complex aspects of Factorio mean that it’s great for older kids and young teens as well.

Kids’ Laptop Warranties

Today’s most popular entry-level laptops are now more affordable than ever. With the latest smartphones and tablets routinely costing in excess of $1,000, customers can buy great kids’ laptops for less than half of that amount.
Of course, even at under $500, they’re still a sizable investment. By their very nature, laptops enjoyed by kids are also at an inherent risk of accidents and other mishaps. That’s in addition to any manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, and hardware failures.

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