Which Nintendo Switch is Right for You?

The Nintendo Switch Lite went on sale in September 2019! Whenever a new console version is released, there is one question that everyone asks: which one should I get? We laid out some of the differences between the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite to help you make an informed decision on what console to purchase.

No Switching Between Modes

The predominant difference between the consoles is that the Lite cannot switch between console mode and handheld mode. When the Nintendo Switch was originally announced, the ability to switch modes was a huge selling point. Historically, Nintendo is well known for both consoles and handheld devices. So, perhaps a handheld only device, for a considerably lower price, shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Price Difference

A very appealing aspect of the Switch Lite is the price point. Its price tag is $100 less than its predecessor, costing only $199. This lower price point makes the system more accessible for those with a smaller budget. Alternately, it might allow someone to purchase more games with the $100 they are saving.

Missing Joy Cons

A con for some gamers is that the Switch Lite does not have detachable controllers. The controllers are embedded directly into the Switch Lite., which limits the ability to customize your Switch with Joy Cons of your choosing. Non-removable controllers also means that some existing Switch games will not be compatible with the Lite. These games are 1, 2 Switch, the Just Dance series, Super Mario Party, and a few others.

Smaller Size

The Switch Lite is much smaller in size. This makes it much easier to throw in a bag and carry around.  It’s also easier for a child to hold. However, both the screen of the device and the body are smaller, which could also be seen as undesirable.

Battery Life

There is not a set amount of time that your Switch will stay charged.  Battery life depends entirely on the games you are playing. With more dynamic games, like Breath of the Wild, you’ll get two to three hours out of a single charge. However, with less intensive games, like Stardew Valley, you’ll get far more. The Switch Lite boasts a battery life of three to seven hours, while the original Switch maxes out at six and a half hours.
When it comes down to it, both Switch models are great. If you prefer playing via console mode, want customization options and do not want limited games, purchase the original Switch. If you prefer to play via handheld mode, are budget conscious, and want to play their device on the go, purchase the new Switch Lite.
In 2021, Nintendo is expected to release a new model of the Switch with 4k. They are also going to release new games to keep their users happy.

Protect Your Nintendo Switch

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