Who Should Consider Buying an Apple Mac Studio?

Apple keeps hitting it out of the park with thrilling new product launches like that Apple Mac Studio. At this point, it seems as if every new iPhone, iPad, and MacBook is met with fervent support from tech enthusiasts around the world.
With so much praise, it’s easy to assume that the latest device from the tech giant — the Apple Mac Studio — would be met with the same amount of unabashed optimism. In reality, however, the opposite is true.
This lackluster reception comes down to one unique concern: the Apple Mac Studio simply wasn’t made for some consumers. While nearly everyone can find use for an iPhone or MacBook, the same cannot be said for the Mac Studio.
Who, exactly, is supposed to be excited about the Apple Mac Studio? Keep reading to find out.

Who Needs a Mac Studio?

The release of the Mac Pro in December 2019 was met with decidedly mixed reactions. While plenty of PC power users flocked to the device, it was almost too overpowered for mainstream acceptance. Thankfully, Apple has learned a valuable lesson and applied it to the Mac Studio: less is more.
While that expression hasn’t applied to the last several iPhones, which seem to gain an extra camera lens with each release, it rings true for the Mac Studio. This powerful home desktop computer harnesses the power of Apple’s M1 chip to great effect. More importantly, it does everything that Apple’s core fanbase wants, at a fraction of the price of the bloated Mac Pro. Starting at $1,999, the Mac Studio aims to take over the home office with its impressive performance.
The Apple Mac Studio is powered by the aforementioned M1 CPU, which is available in Max and Ultra versions. The Max sports a 10-core CPU and up to 32-core GPU. Of course, the Ultra is even more powerful, with a 20-core CPU and up to 64-core GPU. Regardless of which M1 chip is powering the Mac Studio, creative types looking for a workstation capable of handling everything they throw at it will not be disappointed.
Since the Apple Mac Studio is a desktop computer, it doesn’t come with a monitor. This is actually a positive for several reasons. For example: those in the market for a computer but already own a monitor can just plug and play their existing displays into the Mac Studio. The other benefit comes in the form of Apple’s new 27-inch, 5K retina display monitor — aptly named the Studio Display. Starting at $1,599, it’s a fantastic looking monitor. Apple aficionados won’t want to miss out on it.

Who Doesn’t Need a Mac Studio?

Consumers who somehow found space in their budget to purchase a Mac Pro back in 2019 or 2020 can probably pass on the Mac Studio. These previous rigs are more powerful and should not yet require replacements.
Those currently equipped with Apple’s latest MacBook Air can also abstain from throwing their money at the Mac Studio — especially if they have the model armed with the M1 chip. While it’s not as powerful as the new Mac Studio, it’s definitely capable of handling most of the productivity tasks thrown at it.

The Verdict on Mac Studio

Apple’s Mac Studio is a great device, bringing somewhat affordable Apple desktop computing back to the masses. It’s nice to see a little versatility in Apple’s product lineup. There’s no doubt that, as the future of the M1 chip evolves, the Mac Studio will evolve along with it. Those looking to replace outdated PCs or sluggish iMacs should give the Apple Mac Studio a look.

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