10 Cooking Tips to Keep the Kitchen Cool During the Summer

Summer can be full of beach trips, pool parties, and family vacations. All of that is fun, but the stifling summer sun is the season’s downfall. And while the heat may be bearable when lounging by the pool or exploring a shady park, it can make cooking in summer miserable. So here are ten cooking tips to keep your kitchen cool in the summer.

1. Cook Outside

The best way to keep your kitchen cool is to not cook in the kitchen. Instead, pull the grill out of the shed and cook your favorite meals outside! You can use a grill to make a variety of vegetables, pizzas, and more. Plus, you can gather your family and friends outside and play yard games while waiting for the food to finish.

2. Prepare Food That Doesn’t Require Cooking

It may seem difficult to think of meals that don’t require the oven or stove, but there are plenty of fresh, cool salads and dishes that you can prepare that don’t need to be cooked. In addition to keeping the house cool by not using the oven, a salad or cool dish may hit the spot on a hot day.

3. Use Small Appliances

Small appliances use less energy and emit less heat than an oven or stove. So if you need to cook something, plug in your slow-cooker, air fryer, waffle maker, panini press, or whatever small appliance you prefer. Enjoy cooked food in a cool kitchen.

4. Cut food into smaller pieces

If you use your stove or oven, cut the food you are cooking into small pieces. Larger pieces will take longer to cook, so you’ll need your oven on for longer. Reduce the time your oven is on by cutting your food into smaller portions.

5. Food prep in advance

Are you expecting a mild or rainy summer day? Plan ahead and meal prep on those days to prepare food for when the sun is the hottest. Store the meal-prepped food in the fridge and reheat it in the microwave when it’s too stifling to cook. A microwave emits little heat, so you can have hot food without turning on the stove.

6. Cook earlier

The sun is at its strongest typically between noon and late in the afternoon, and cooking then might be unbearable. However, if you cook in the morning before the sun hits its peak, having the oven on may not feel bad. Cook in the morning, store the food throughout the day and reheat it when you’re ready to eat.

7. Keep the Air Moving

You might not think a fan would make a big difference, but it helps keep air circulating while cooking in summer. As moving air hits your skin, it will help cool it, so the heat doesn’t feel as strong. Place a fan on the floor or by an open window or door to keep the air circulating and the kitchen cooler.

8. Install Shades that Absorb Heat

You may have loved the natural light in the kitchen when you first toured your home, but that light will heat your kitchen and force your AC unit to work overtime in the summer. Closing the blinds or shades will help, and installing shades that block the sun’s heat will make the kitchen feel cooler.

9. Turn Off the Lights

Since you’re blocking the natural light, you might also want to limit artificial light. The heat from incandescent bulbs may seem minimal, but every little bit helps. Only keep on as many lights as you need to cook.

10. Drink Water

You should drink water whenever you spend extended time in the heat, and cooking in summer is no different. Drinking ice water will help cool your body and help it fight off the heat.

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